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The Bible in Four Minutes

An overview of the Bible through stunning animation and spoken word.


When Peter was reunited with Jesus after denying him three times, he deserved and expected retribution, but instead he received a divine resolution. He was forgiven.

The Story Of A King

On the first Easter Sunday, the world was turned upside down. Jesus has divided public opinion for the last two millennia. So, what do you make of this story of the king?

Divine Comedy

Engaging Christian video explores the Easter story. What is life, what kind of tale? Comedy or tragic? Is Easter the true comedy?


What's better than when God is right, right at the centre?

When I Get to Heaven

In this spoken word video, Phil Howe unpacks the big themes of forgiveness and eternal life, focusing on how Jesus chose to forgive and accept the thief who was crucified next to Him.


Trace Jesus' plan to mend a broken world - to his death? But the story doesn't end with his defeat. Jesus' resurrection secures us eternal life, a renewed world, eternal life and sin conquered forever.

He Has Risen

Powerful video styled as a radio broadcast from a female spoken word artist about the good news that burst onto the scene on the first Easter morning.

Does He know what He’s doing?

Paul Faulkner unpacks the forgiveness we receive from Jesus, as He took our place on the cross. He asks the question, 'Does He know what He's doing?' 

A Better Resolution

Do your new year's resolutions deliver what they promise: a refined, more-together, 'better' you? What if there was someone who actually delivered? Who had the blueprint to the most fulfilled life ever, and offered it to you?

Not Just A Baby (British Sign Language Version)

Do we just see a baby, or something more? Christmas evangelistic video inviting us to consider the baby Jesus and what he will grow up to become. British Sign Language Version.

Not Just A Baby

Do we just see a baby, or something more? Christmas evangelistic video inviting us to consider the baby Jesus and what he will grow up to become.

4 Words 4 Stories

Dai Woolridge performs a powerful spoken word on 4 words that underpin the message of Christmas: "Do not be afraid". These words are offered to us today, in Jesus Christ.

4 Words 4 Stories (Subtitled Version)

Dai Woolridge performs a powerful spoken word on 4 words that underpin the message of Christmas: "Do not be afraid". These words are offered to us today, in Jesus Christ. Subtitled Version.

From Isolation to Salvation

The Christmas story is about God sending his Son, Immanuel, to be 'God with us'. Jesus endured separation from his Father to offer us salvation from eternal isolation, as well as honesty and openness with God now.


If you were Joseph, and you put two and two together, what would you come up with? Spoken word with a modern twist exploring Joseph's perspective of Mary's pregnancy.

God With Us

What makes Christmas a truly happy or merry time? What and why do we celebrate? Unpack three names given to the baby in the manger: "Christ", "Jesus" and "Immanuel" meaning 'God with us'. Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Light

We were lost in sin's darkness until the star over the manger marked the birth of the Light of the world, who would bring eternal light and life into our hearts.

Christmas in Dark Places

For many, Christmas will be a hard time, full of loneliness, homelessness or loss. But that first Christmas, Jesus came to bring light to those dark places.

Hope for a Hopeless World

Discover the Bible’s accurate diagnosis of our world’s brokenness, and the certainty of the hope God offers in Jesus. How hopeful are you feeling?

The Way We Walk

A call to pray, to live, to speak, to love and to walk this good news out. Maybe it's the way we walk?

Skin Deep

Spoken word for Black History Month from the perspective of a white person with adopted black siblings, that looks to diagnose the deep-rooted problems beneath racism.

Sixty Years Later

Paul Faulkner unpacks the complexity of being "equal parts black and British", beginning with his grandfather's arrival, 60 years ago, and looking forward to a loving, diverse church family for his own grandchildren, 60 years later.


Are you struggling to keep going? God doesn't promise us that it'll go away today, but he does promise lasting peace one day.


Spoken word message to provoke discussion and challenge the UK church to think about race.


From creation to fall, redemption to new creation – this is the Bible's story in four beats. A Spoken Word video performed by Dai Woolridge.

Knock Knock

A powerful poetic piece that paints a picture of the wonder of Easter by Tom Stubbings.


Resolutions seem designed to show weakness. This poem explains Jesus kept his resolution to free us from failure as he cried “It is finished!”

How long, Lord?

A spoken word lament that honestly unpacks the rawness of grief and suffering, and then points to God who holds our fragile hearts, strengthens our stumbling faith and who died so we can live in hope now of an eternally perfect future.

I Will Never Leave You

To the people who’ve reached their end, there is someone who will never let go of you, never stop fighting for you, and never give up on you.

There is Hope

The voices of failure, fear, pain and regret can be overwhelming. But there is real and lasting hope that gives value, purpose and strength to withstand the storm. This hope has a name.

Where is Your God?

Where is your God? - here's an answer to this familiar question through a contemporary reflection on Psalm 42's repeated refrain.

Anti-Santy Ranty

Is God a giant Father Christmas? A moralistic dispenser of stuff - someone who's watching and waiting to spot our mistakes? Or is there something more to him?

To End All Wars

"The pressing question./What can halt inborn aggression?". If war is to cease, our hearts have to change. Find out how, watch "To End All Wars".

Essentials 5: Response

When do I know enough about Jesus to become a Christian? How do I become a Christian? Find out by watching "Essentials 5: Response".


This thought-provoking Christian video takes a fresh look at the Beatitudes, from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. What does it mean to be blessed?

In the Beginning

It's the ultimate question and the biggest mystery: what happened in the beginning? This thought-provoking Christian video explores some answers.

Anybody Home?

A thought-provoking video from UCCF to go with their Uncover Mark project. Are we really alone in this life? Are we lost or are we found?

Good News in 90 Seconds

Creative Christian video explaining the main message found in the Gospels and the good news about Jesus into just 90 seconds.

The Book

Short Christian video creatively showing that the Bible is key to knowing God - it points to Him. Through his Word, God has made himself known.

Holy Sweat

Challenging Christian video - Holy Sweat - Spoken Word performance encouraging us that we are not working for salvation, but for God's glory.

The Queen’s King?

Here are some fascinating facts about the Queen to mark her 90th Birthday, most intriguing of all, find out whom she serves in "The Queen's King"

Hidden Treasure

The first Christmas day led to the day when Jesus victoriously defeated darkness, pain and fear with his light, cure and hope.

The 12 Dais Of Christmas

A comic, Covid-spin on the 12 'Dais' of Christmas (via Zoom) - and a poignant reminder of the 1 day that brought a message of love to our messy world.

Resolutions (Subtitled Version)

Resolutions seem designed to show weakness. This poem explains Jesus kept his resolution to free us from failure as he cried “It is finished!”

You Know His Name

...and he knows yours. But do you really know him? The Christian faith isn't about having the right answers, but about a personal relationship with Jesus who came to save us.

Servant Song

Are joy and peace beyond our reach? "Servant Song" meditates on how Jesus's life, death and resurrection bring life and hope to our brokenness.

On The Way To Jerusalem

A funny thing happened on the way to Jerusalem... Watch this video for Easter themed stand-up poetry about the comedy behind Easter.

On The Way To The Execution

This spoken word poem unpacks the sad humour and irony in Jesus' execution.

Roll Away Your Stone

Explore why the empty tomb mattered to Mary and the others, and still does to millions around the world today.

Authored To Die

Spoken word Christian video of the author of life rewriting history to come down into time and space and die on Good Friday as an offering for humanity's sin.

Amazing Grace Poem

Beautiful spoken word poem that unpacks what God’s grace means: the release from the burden of earning approval, the relief of no longer doing it my way, a tender invitation to surrender.

Hope Poem

Infinitely more powerful than our wishes and dreams, God’s hope welcomes outsiders in and provides a secure foundation for weary souls.

Poem – Love Like That

Powerful spoken word poem that reels off all the ways Jesus has loved us, and leaves us challenged to follow his self-sacrificial example.

Part 2, Resurrection

From heartbreak to joy three days later, witness the realisation of Jesus’ certain victory through Peter’s eyes. Jesus went from fully perfect to fully broken so we could be fully fixed and forgiven, forever.

Part 1, Denial

Witness the emotional turmoil of events before Easter Sunday through the man who watched from the sidelines. Spoken word by Dai Woolridge from the perspective of Peter.

Do Not Worry

The lockdown ‘Do Nots’ might feel confining, but the Bible’s ‘Do Nots’ are liberating.

Do Not Fear

Have you noticed that we can be less scared depending on who we’re with? The Bible tells us that the Almighty God is with us - always.

Do Not Be Anxious

Another lockdown, 2 millennia ago: what does the apostle Paul write from prison? ‘Do not be anxious. Pray and receive God’s peace.’

New Year

So often we fail to keep our New Year’s Resolutions. This video tells the story of a promise we can rely on. A story of the real promised solution.


Paul Syrstad performs a powerful spoken word poem. As image bearers, God has made us for an amazing purpose - will we live it out?


Jesus didn’t just enter the mess of a downstairs room with a feeding trough, he entered the mess of our world too as the Messi.a.h. who would change everything.

Love Her Like Him

Spoken word Christian video: “Love her brother like you are the eternal lover who turned heaven and earth upside down to find us.”