Produced by Rhyme Reason

Adam’s Story of Satisfaction

“God wanted me – not who I could be” 

Adam came to university confused and discontented with life, with Christianity, with God. Relying on himself didn’t help, and it seemed like Christians meant well, but had no real grasp of how to live meaning-filled lives. 

But slowly that changed – Adam realised that it wasn’t his Christian friends who were missing out, but him. Struck by how satisfied and different his Christian friends were, Adam discovered a God who wanted him as he was, not as he could be. 

Accepting the most ultimately satisfying life and relationship ever, Adam is learning to confidently trust God’s plan, even (and especially) when his own plans fail.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Are you satisfied with life right now? Why/why not?

  • What difference do you think God makes, either in your Christian friends’ lives, or your own?

  • How does God satisfy you? (Be specific!)

Related Bible Reference

  • John 10:10
  • Philippians 4:11-12
  • 1 Timothy 6:6-7



Produced by Rhyme Reason

Rhyme and Reason is an evangelical video ministry set up to help the spread of the gospel through online videos. As well as producing videos for organisations, we produce free-to-use evangelistic media and spoken words videos.

Editor Caleb Shaw

Caleb Shaw is a videographer and spoken word artist. He produces videos for churches and corporate Christian clients as well as his own short videos helping people understand the Christian faith.