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The Romans Course (Session 1)

The Romans course is a ten-session programme that guides you through Paul’s letter to the Romans including themes like sin, salvation, hope, and Gospel.

Have You Got ID? – Series Bundle

'Who am I?’ is one of the most important questions we can ever ask. To know that God created us and gave us our body, mind and soul gives us the freedom to live the life that He intends for us.

The Bible Course (Session 1)

The Bible Course is an eight-session course helping your church explore the BIG story.

Remembrance Day: Sacrifice

As we remember those who died for our freedom, this video reminds us of Christ whose sacrifice for his enemies gives us the opportunity to have eternal life.

Storyline Bible Animation

Short 9-min animated video that takes us on a journey through the storyline of the entire Bible in an engaging way.


When Peter was reunited with Jesus after denying him three times, he deserved and expected retribution, but instead he received a divine resolution. He was forgiven.

The Story Of A King

On the first Easter Sunday, the world was turned upside down. Jesus has divided public opinion for the last two millennia. So, what do you make of this story of the king?

Homeward: Church Version

Feeling lost? Everyone feels that way sometimes. But Easter is all about Jesus coming back to life, coming home. Is He hoping you'll come home too?

Homeward: Social Media Version

Feeling lost? Everyone feels that way sometimes. But Easter is all about Jesus coming back to life, coming home. Is He hoping you'll come home too?


What's better than when God is right, right at the centre?

When I Get to Heaven

In this spoken word video, Phil Howe unpacks the big themes of forgiveness and eternal life, focusing on how Jesus chose to forgive and accept the thief who was crucified next to Him.

How Do You Say “I Love You”?

Nothing says "I love you" like a box of chocolates - or does it? Find out how our Creator shows us his love, watch 'How Do You Say "I Love You"?' now!

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

If Jesus didn't really rise from the dead, Christianity is both irrelevant and a waste of time. But if Jesus did rise from the dead, that changes everything. There is so much more than this life and then death!

Does He know what He’s doing?

Paul Faulkner unpacks the forgiveness we receive from Jesus, as He took our place on the cross. He asks the question, 'Does He know what He's doing?' 

What Have Eggs Got to Do With It?

What have chocolate eggs got to do with Easter? This Easter, chocolate eggs can help point us to Jesus. In the same way that chocolate eggs are empty inside, the tomb Jesus was buried in was too. He had risen from the dead!

Pray for Ukraine

Let’s pray for the crisis in Ukraine. Pray for global scale peacemakers, and the community scale peacemakers. May they bring peace to those in hurt, just like Jesus did. Let's pray that this broken world would be fixed by the love of God.

If You Had Been Here

Lazarus is dead. Jesus wasn't there. Watch "If you had been here" to discover what Jesus can possibly have to offer his bereaved sister?

What is Wisdom?

Is wisdom learned or earned? Is wisdom born or made? Is wisdom more to do with insight, experience, or actions? Is wisdom just having a magnificent beard? What do you think?

What is Love?

Hear 27 different definitions of love as Ben walks around the centre of Cambridge asking people what it means to them. Let this video help you think about how you define love this Valentine's day!

The Sermon on the Mount – Series

The Sermon on the Mount series from Video Bible Talks is a six-video series of Bible teaching from Matthew 5-7 looking at what Jesus says about how to live as his disciples.

The Rose – Matt Chandler

This video is a powerful representation of how God chose to die for us and loves us despite our sinful, broken ways. Matt Chandler tells his story of being at a youth conference where the speaker spoke about sexual sin using a single red rose.

Sixty Years Later

Paul Faulkner unpacks the complexity of being "equal parts black and British", beginning with his grandfather's arrival, 60 years ago, and looking forward to a loving, diverse church family for his own grandchildren, 60 years later.


Are you struggling to keep going? God doesn't promise us that it'll go away today, but he does promise lasting peace one day.


Spoken word message to provoke discussion and challenge the UK church to think about race.

The Sermon on the Mount: Episode 4

In this fourth video in the series, Jesus shows how the things of this world just don't deliver. In light of eternity, he gives us a greater vision.

The Sermon on the Mount: Episode 5

In this fifth video in the Sermon on the Mount series, Jesus warns us to 'look out' for certain things that may take us off course as we follow him.

The Sermon on the Mount: Episode 6

In this final video in the series, Jesus asks us what we are going to do... having heard his words will we ignore him? Or trust and follow him?

The Sermon on the Mount: Episode 3

In this third video from the Sermon on the Mount series, Jesus shows the difference between 'religion' and a life lived in response to His grace.

His Work Continues Series

This encouraging series unpacks this responsibility to share Jesus’ good news with a world that desperately needs to hear it. Armed with the Bible and the Spirit, we are equipped with God's words and God's power to do the job he's left us to do. The question is, are we going to do it?

The Sermon on the Mount: Episode 1

What is real success according to Jesus? Check out the first video in this six part series by Video Bible Talks on the Sermon on the Mount!


Students discuss questions of life, humanity, and faith, as part of Durham University's Christian Union event: Human.


From creation to fall, redemption to new creation – this is the Bible's story in four beats. A Spoken Word video performed by Dai Woolridge.

The Only Way to God

Christian video clearly explaining John 14:6 to show that Jesus is being honest not intolerant when He says He is the only way to God.

The Sermon on the Mount: Episode 2

In this second video of the Sermon on the Mount series, Jesus strips back the layers and shows us how to live as his forgiven and loved disciples.


A thought short video exploring a culture where we seem happy to voice our own opinions, but not listen to others. A great discussion starter.

Finding a Church at University

Starting University? This short Christian video discusses some easy steps to finding and settling into a good local church.

Planet Earth II (Subtitled Version)

Have you ever wondered why the world is so incredible? Watch "Planet Earth" and find out why our home is so intricate, enormous and extravagant.

The Journey: Crossing

In episode 5, we take a look at Jesus and the good news of his life, death and resurrection. The Journey is an overview of the Bible from creation to new creation, produced by Video Bible Talks.

The Journey: Storm

In episode 4, our journey takes a turn for the worse as we look at the prophets and the exile of God’s people to Babylon. The Journey is an overview of the Bible from creation to new creation, produced by Video Bible Talks.

The Journey: Stopover

In episode 3, we stop over to look at King David and the promises of perfect forever king and a perfect forever kingdom. The Journey is an overview of the Bible from creation to new creation, produced by Video Bible Talks.

The Journey: Night Sky

In episode 2, we look at the great promise of blessing that God gave to Abraham. The Journey is an overview of the Bible from creation to new creation, produced by Video Bible Talks.

The Journey: Wilderness

In episode 1, we begin with God’s good creation and our fall into brokenness. The Journey is an overview of the Bible from creation to new creation, produced by Video Bible Talks.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the most influential but also controversial person in history. He's been labelled a liar and lunatic, but what does Jesus have to say about himself? Ben unpacks John 8:48-59 to explore Jesus' claims and whether he is God.

Get Hyped About the Bible

The Bible isn't boring and irrelevant! It's full of exciting stories about heroes, villains, betrayal and the greatest king ever. It's been translated into hundreds of languages. And most importantly, it's how God speaks to us today.

A New Ticket

A modern, Pilgrim's Progress-style analogy of the cross' great exchange. On his journey through Town, Man loses his valuable ticket to a seat on an aeroplane that will take him far away. Who will pay the price for a new one?

8 Ways Jesus Treated Women

...and 8 ways we can do the same. In this 1 minute sound bite, Dan Marks takes us through 8 ways Jesus treated women by empowering, celebrating, protecting, honouring, respecting, valuing, teaching and confiding in them.

What is greatness?

Is there something more to greatness than what the celebrities, actors, athletes and politicians of this world tell us? Listen to what Jesus, the greatest one ever, said about true greatness.

Which God is the ‘right God’?

Throughout history and cultures, we have reached out for a god. But only God has already reached out to us in Jesus, and verified his deity with the resurrection. So which God is the 'right God'?

Who do you say I am?

The biggest con artist? A great man? Saviour? Donald Trump?! In Matthew 16:15, Jesus asks "But what about you? Who do you say I am?" Ben Clube takes to the streets of Colchester to answer this question and ask ordinary people who they say Jesus is.

How do I become a Christian?

It's as simple as A, B, C: Admit your sin, Believe Jesus is Lord, Commit your life to Jesus and live for him. There aren't any fancy rules or rituals, and you don't need to be good enough.

Why I’m Still a Virgin

With honesty and warmth, Howie answers these two questions and unpacks just what sex is. Sex is more than just 2 people coming together in a physical act of intimacy. Sex, as God designed it, is the most powerful glue on the planet.

Playing For God

Do you play in a way that honours God? Watch "Playing for God" and be inspired to give your game an eternal significance!

Anti-Santy Ranty

Is God a giant Father Christmas? A moralistic dispenser of stuff - someone who's watching and waiting to spot our mistakes? Or is there something more to him?

Being a Christian at University

A great video for Christians starting uni. A range of students share their experience of living for Jesus where they are and give their top-tips.

Starting University As A Christian

Students give their 10 top tips for getting the most out of University life in this Christian video, from starting University to finding a church.

Make Way for the King

A Christians In Sport video investigating the claim of Matthew's Gospel. Is he really King of all? Will we make way for him?

To End All Wars

"The pressing question./What can halt inborn aggression?". If war is to cease, our hearts have to change. Find out how, watch "To End All Wars".


"Sport will fade away and be a distant memory," says Garin Jenkins, Welsh rugby star. Watch this video to find out why this doesn't worry him.

Woman at the Well

The story of the Samaritan woman at the well is a revealing one; it shows how Jesus tore down the walls of exclusion and that grace is for all.

Born to Play

Who are you playing for? Have you ever wondered if there's a better way to play? "Born to Play" suggests a way to raise your game.

What Would You Do?

A real-life take on the parable of the Good Samaritan. A thought provoking film by the Bible Society showing the power of genuine love and kindness.

Life According to Jesus in 321

Have you ever wondered what Jesus makes of the big issues: God, the World, and You? Watch "Life According to Jesus in 3,2,1" to find out!

What Does The Bible Say About Sport?

Animated Christian video made by Christians in Sport. How can we use our talents and gifts in sport for good - to worship God?

Real Life

All Hail King Bale? Is there really anyone who deserves this much glory? Watch this video to discover the real, eternal king.

Real lives: The Olympian

Short Christian video - Olympic rower and double silver medallist Debbie Flood chats about her identity as an athlete and a follower of Jesus.


Powerful short video likening life's uncertainties with the unpredictable nature of the sea. What will see us through the storm?

Essentials 5: Response

When do I know enough about Jesus to become a Christian? How do I become a Christian? Find out by watching "Essentials 5: Response".

The Armour of God

Lively Christian music video for kids about putting on the armour of God to prepare for battles they will face as Christians in the world.

Your Invisible Weapon

Thought-provoking Christian video. Our words are our own invisible weapon: a force for good or bad. Will we build others up, or tear them down?

How to find the Wonder

A humorous, vlog style video on finding 'the wonder' in everyday routine. A light-hearted reflection on how we speed through life.

Dealing with disappointment

Short Christian video - Adam Pengilly's story of disappointment at the Winter Olympics and how his Christian faith helped him get through it.

The Two Sides of Sport

A powerful video by Christians in Sport with interviews from Debbie Flood, Linvoy Primus and Garin Jenkins.

A Conversation with the Homeless

Imagine having no one to talk to - Thought-provoking video showing how one conversation can make a big difference for the homeless.


Short video exploring the majestic nature of lions. A great discussion starter helping people to think about what or who they follow!

Debbie Flood – My Story

In this Christian video, athlete Debbie Flood discusses her experiences competing in the Olympics and shares her faith story.

The Light

How a young man overcame addiction and discovered the life-transforming love of Jesus Christ.

The Ultimate Bucket List

What's on your bucket list? Out of all the 1001 fun things to do, what's the 1 essential thing you must do before you die?


What do you find in barren places? A thoughtshort video exploring our desire to 'connect' with something greater.

It’s Not Fair

Where is God when tragedy strikes? Watching from the sidelines, powerless to help? Find out what the Bible tells us, watch "It's not fair".

I’m Not That Bad

If the required standard's perfection, what hope have I got? "I'm not that Bad" shares the secret to living free from judgement and free from fear.

The Man Upstairs

Is God just a bad tempered old man living in the sky? That wouldn't be good news! Watch "The Man Upstairs" to discover how God describes himself.


Short video exploring the way each of us 'sees' the world uniquely. A great discussion starter on plausibility structures or worldviews.

The Old Testament Journey in 3 ½ minutes

Fast-paced Christian animation giving a snapshot of Israel's journey through the Old Testament - in just three and a half minutes!


This thought-provoking Christian video takes a fresh look at the Beatitudes, from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. What does it mean to be blessed?

Story (DUCU)

Students share their own faith stories in this Christian video, as part of Durham University's Christian Union event: Story.

No Comparison

Love sport a bit too much? Watch "No Comparison" now to put things in perspective and remind yourself of the bigger picture...

The Early Church Journey in 3 ½ minutes

Creative Christian animation showing the action-packed beginnings of the Early Church after Jesus, as found in the New Testament.

Mad Titan or Saviour?

This short evangelistic video explores themes of salvation through sacrifice in Avengers Infinity War, comparing it with the salvation of Jesus.

The Greatest Event in the World

The World Cup is always an epic occasion, full of amazing moments. But what is the greatest event of all time?

In the Beginning

It's the ultimate question and the biggest mystery: what happened in the beginning? This thought-provoking Christian video explores some answers.

The Solution To Life’s Problems

What if there was someone who showed they had power over disease, disaster and death? Would you listen to their answers about life's problems?

Good News in 90 Seconds

Creative Christian video explaining the main message found in the Gospels and the good news about Jesus into just 90 seconds.


In the world of sport, we see success, talent, and strength but also failure, anxiety, and insecurity. But who did Jesus come to seek and save?


Have you ever wondered where God is when things are going wrong? This video explains the comfort of knowing that God has an unstoppable plan!

What’s Your Problem?

A video exploring what people view as the most significant problems facing us today. But what did Jesus think on the subject? What was his solution?

The Monster

This powerfully animated Christian video tells the story of a monster and explores how we have all done wrong, and need forgiveness.

A Letter to Students on Results day

The only ‘pass’ we’ll ever need, the best freedom on offer and a joy that isn’t dependent on performance or success: a spoken word letter to students.


A thoughtshort video exploring the origins of life through the metaphor of water. It asks not just ‘how?’ or ‘where?’ life began – but ‘why?’

The Greatest Discovery

What could be better than discovering George Best's talent? Watch this video to find out more about Jesus's claim to be the greatest treasure

Holy Sweat

Challenging Christian video - Holy Sweat - Spoken Word performance encouraging us that we are not working for salvation, but for God's glory.