Be Strong and Courageous

 Unpacking God’s words to Joshua in the Old Testament, Michael Tinker’s new single released in 2020 reminds us why we can keep trusting our God in tricky and sad situations.

Michael Tinker’s original song came straight in at number 2 in the iTunes Children’s Charts! With an uplifting tune, Makaton signing and words rooted in God’s promises, this song will speak into your child’s anxieties and joys, reminding them of the God who is always with them. 

Related Bible Reference

  • Joshua 1:9


1) Is it fine to upload this song as part of an online service?

If you have an active CCLI license then you are allowed to incorporate this music lyric video into an online service.

2) What is the licence agreement?

By purchasing this video you are being granted a licence for its use in the following ways:

  • To use the video as part of a complete online church service of no less than 20mins, comprising no more than 60% musical content.
  • To display the video at an offline, in person, church service or small group.



Created by Michael J Tinker

Michael J Tinker is a songwriter, actor and recording artist, currently focusing on creating music and drama for families with theological depth

Singer: Becky Lyddon