Adventures of the Juniper

Six TV-style episodes with comedy, Bible thoughts and songs designed to teach children about who God is and how following him shapes the way we live.

The First Christmas Song (British Sign Language Version)

Join Mary, the angels and Simeon in praising God for keeping his promises, and for the birth of Jesus in this beautifully illustrated animation. British Sign Language Version.

He’s Here (Animation)

Discover what it means for Jesus, God’s Son, to be the YES to all God’s plans and promises, in his birth, life, death and resurrection as king.

I’ll Cling to the Word of God

This sing-a-long lyric video reminds us to cling to the Word of God, the love of God and the way of Christ. Our sure foundation will not let us down!

God’s Kingdom is Here

The King has arrived! A sing-a-long lyric video that unpacks the comfort of the Beatitudes at the start of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in a child-friendly way.

Are You Listening to the Word?

A sing-a-long lyric video with actions and fun sound effects, this song unpacks the parable of the four soils and encourages children to listen to Jesus, the Word.

Come and See

A sing-a-long lyric video with actions, this song picks up on two ‘come and see’ calls in John’s gospel, and invites us to do the same with our friends!

Jesus is the Hero

A sing-a-long lyric video with actions, this song reassures us that Jesus is the King of every story, whether we’re having a good time or not.

It’s All About Grace

Celebrate God’s unending grace to us in Jesus and the relief that we can’t earn his love by being good or praying or going to church – it’s a free gift!