Easter Story Customisable Bundle

Personalise this glowing Easter promotion bundle with your church’s details and invite your local community to your Easter and Good Friday services.


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Easter is a busy time for churches and we want to free you up to prepare talks and meet people, rather than spend hours designing flyers or making a nice video to promote your Good Friday and Easter services. 

We’ve already done the legwork of making this glowing, bauble-detailed Easter promotion bundle look good. Just add your church’s details, and you’ll receive a quality, tailor-made bundle of videos and images to make your Easter promotion quick, easy and effective. 

With no video editing or design skills needed, each template takes less than 5 minutes to customise and create. 

This promotional bundle includes:

See the Contents tab for a full breakdown, and the How To tab for a step-by-step guide to customising this bundle, with expected printing prices.

Fully customisable, unlimited Easter resources

This full range of promotional resources makes engaging with your community this Easter quicker and easier than ever. We want to give you the freedom and flexibility to make multiple different versions for your church’s services, social media website, so you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of each video and image template.

Why not start your Easter promotion now, and save time and admin by scheduling some scroll-stopping social media posts for April? Each template has customisable scenes for you to add your church’s details, images and logo. We’ve also added some suggested text in case you’re short on ideas! 

Save over 50% on the price of these templates

Our team has been hard at work for months creating our customisable in-house technology and eye-catching designs so they are simple, easy and affordable to use. 

We''re offering this bundle for £35, with over a 50% saving - and we’re including an unlimited number of video and image creations for 4 months from the date of purchase. So, get creating!

After purchasing this bundle your license enables you to create as many videos and images as you would like within 3 months from the date of your purchase.

How To

Step-by-step guide to customising and creating your themed videos, images, posters and banners:

  1. Purchasing the customisable bundle will allow you to download a PDF with the links to all the online custom templates. You’ll be able to create as many as you like. 
  2. To start customising, select a template and the size, if applicable. Most of our templates are available in landscape, square or portrait. 
  3. Select the layout you’d like to use. These vary by template: choose your mix of titles, subtitles, images and logos. 
  4. Type in the text you’d like to be animated in your video or displayed on your printed design. Adjust the size and style of the font, until you’re satisfied with the final look. You can check the template using the preview boxes. 
  5. Enter your details at the bottom of the page, and hit the “Create!” button.
  6. Take a moment to stretch your legs while our servers get to work, and shortly a low-resolution version of your design will appear. A download timer will keep you updated on the progress.
  7. Check the low-resolution video or image. To make a change, simply scroll up the page, type any edit you’d like and click the “Create!” button again. 
  8. When you’re satisfied with your low-resolution design, click “Make this in high resolution – free!”. Our servers will compile a high-resolution version for you to download which will not have the Preview watermark on it.

Expected pricing for printing and social media advertising

Our images are high-resolution and print-ready. Simply liaise with a local or national printer to produce quality flyers and posters, ready to distribute around your community.

Here are the rough prices (including postage and VAT) we’d expect printing to cost:

  • 1000 A6 landscape flyers, 135 gsm: £22
  • 1 PVC-coated outdoor banner 1m x 2.5m 400gsm: £44
  • 4 A1 posters with a gloss finish, 190gsm: £55

Here are the rough prices we’d expect paid social media advertising to cost:

  • 1000 views on Facebook using geographic targeting: £20


This bundle includes the following customisable templates, available in portrait and square sizes for social media, as well as standard landscape. We’ve included some ideas for how each template can be used:


  • 10 second video
    • Daily updates and teaser announcements
    • Add as an intro and outro to other videos
  • 20 second social media video (3 customisable scenes)
    • Use in the notices or on your website
    • Social media advert to target your local area
    • Short introduction to a service or service section
    • Instagram stories
  • 1 minute video (3 customisable scenes)
    • Add service structure with an intro, outro and video for notices 
    • Add a trailer video to your church entrance lobby of upcoming events
  • 1 minute countdown video
    • Help your congregation be ready for the service’s start (streaming or live)
    • Add requests/ideas in each scene for corporate prayers in the service
    • Timer for games and interactive elements of an all-age service

Images & print media


Produced by Go Chatter

Go Chatter has created a number of evangelistic videos linked to current events or trending topics, videos with a seasonal emphasis and others that feature someone’s life-story.

Animated by Lanz Literatus
Artwork Tabitha Michael

Licence Agreement

Customisable Bundles

The license agreement allows you to use the images and video online or offline however you would like to promote your Christmas services or events. You are permitted to print versions of the images with no restriction on the number of copies printed. You are permitted to use the social media assets in free and paid social media promotion. The license purchased is to be used by one church. If you are part of a team ministry and would like a team price then please get in touch with info@gochattervideos.com.

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