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The LEGO Easter Story

Easter has been given a fresh look - through this Lego animation! This Easter join us on the journey from Palm Sunday, all the way to Jesus' resurrection re-told in a unique and colourful way!

The LEGO Easter Story 4K

Easter has been given a fresh look - through this Lego animation! This Easter join us on the journey from Palm Sunday, all the way to Jesus' resurrection re-told in a unique and colourful way!

The Risen Jesus Changes Us

The risen Jesus is still changing people. He breaks the power of sin and sadness for everyone who trusts Him. Knowing Jesus beat death for us means all our sadness will one day be joy! Like the first Easter, we celebrate that Jesus is ALIVE. He is with us, and changing us. 


When Peter was reunited with Jesus after denying him three times, he deserved and expected retribution, but instead he received a divine resolution. He was forgiven.

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

This storybook animation takes us on a journey from the Garden of Eden to God’s perfect new creation. It's a gospel presentation that focuses on the significance of the temple curtain.

The Good Friday Question

Jesus asked questions to make us think and learn, in the same way our teachers might ask us questions. Jesus asked, so that we would learn the truth, that our Heavenly Father cares for us.

Homeward: Church Version

Feeling lost? Everyone feels that way sometimes. But Easter is all about Jesus coming back to life, coming home. Is He hoping you'll come home too?

Homeward: Social Media Version

Feeling lost? Everyone feels that way sometimes. But Easter is all about Jesus coming back to life, coming home. Is He hoping you'll come home too?

The Day the Earth Shook

Come and see Jesus' super powerful, super strong love in action! Delightful pop-up book animation that tells the story of the day Jesus died, and explores why the earth shook.

When I Get to Heaven

In this spoken word video, Phil Howe unpacks the big themes of forgiveness and eternal life, focusing on how Jesus chose to forgive and accept the thief who was crucified next to Him.

How do you say ‘I love you’?

Nothing says "I love you" like a box of chocolates - or does it? Find out how our Creator shows us his love, watch "What is love?" now!

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

If Jesus didn't really rise from the dead, Christianity is both irrelevant and a waste of time. But if Jesus did rise from the dead, that changes everything. There is so much more than this life and then death!

He Has Risen

Powerful video styled as a radio broadcast from a female spoken word artist about the good news that burst onto the scene on the first Easter morning.

Does He know what He’s doing?

Paul Faulkner unpacks the forgiveness we receive from Jesus, as He took our place on the cross. He asks the question, 'Does He know what He's doing?' 

What Have Eggs Got to Do With It?

What have chocolate eggs got to do with Easter? This Easter, chocolate eggs can help point us to Jesus. In the same way that chocolate eggs are empty inside, the tomb Jesus was buried in was too. He had risen from the dead!

Easter Story Customisable Bundle

Personalise this glowing Easter promotion bundle with your church’s details and invite your local community to your Easter and Good Friday services.

A história da Páscoa em Lego

Descubra a história bíblica da Páscoa por meio deste filme de animação em stop motion/Brickfilm com LEGO, desde o Domingo de Ramos, até a Paixão, terminando com a Ressurreição de Jesus, no Domingo de Páscoa.

Easter Music Bundle — Phil Moore

7 Easter hymns and original tunes that are ideal for celebrating Easter in online services, or in-person ones with limited singing.

Jesus is Alive!

Jesus' resurrection changed everything for Peter - and changes everything for us too! Creative watercolour illustrations and a thoughtful script will help all ages understand what happened between Jesus' death and the early church beginning!

The Wrong Way Round

God made everything the wrong way round on one day to put everything to right way round in eternity. Creative watercolour illustrations and a thoughtful script will help all ages understand what happened when Jesus died.

I’m Full cos it was Empty

When it boils down to it - Easter is central to the Christian faith. Who would have thought that a weekend would have been so key to the fate of humanity? The reality is we can find fullness and full-on forgiveness because Jesus rose from the tomb.

Hope for a Hopeless World

Discover the Bible’s accurate diagnosis of our world’s brokenness, and the certainty of the hope God offers in Jesus. How hopeful are you feeling?

Jesus is Risen!

In the last episode of 'What was it like to be with Jesus?', Jesus rises from the dead! He has defeated death and we can come to him for forgiveness and eternal life, when we will know fully what it's like to be with Jesus.

Jesus Dies to Save Us

In the fifth episode of 'What was it like to be with Jesus?', we see that Jesus' death was all part of God's plan to save us from sin. We can say "sorry" to God and "thank you" to Jesus for rescuing us!

Easter: What’s it all about?

What is Easter all about? Chocolate eggs and bunnies or a cross and an empty tomb? Find out what the people of Preston said in this video...

The Story Of A King

On the first Easter Sunday, the world was turned upside down. Jesus has divided public opinion for the last 2 centuries. So, what do you make of this story of the king?

Knock Knock

A powerful poetic piece that paints a picture of the wonder of Easter by Tom Stubbings

You Know His Name

...and he knows yours. But do you really know him? The Christian faith isn't about having the right answers, but about a personal relationship with Jesus who came to save us.


We were all born to die, is there really no escape? God doesn’t let down a rescue-rope, he sends a cannonball! Watch to find out more.

Good Friday: Live!

Imagine the events surrounding Good Friday unfolded today... What would the online reaction be? This short film was a Jerusalem Awards finalist.

Jesus In Jerusalem

Animation retelling key events in the life of Jesus. Here, we see Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem on a donkey and his anger in the temple.

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

What is Easter really all about? Powerful animation showing the trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. He has risen...he is alive!

If You Had Been Here

Lazarus is dead. Jesus wasn't there. Watch "If you had been here" to discover what Jesus can possibly have to offer his bereaved sister?

Arms Wide Open

This powerful poem about the Easter story exemplifies the extent of God's love, how he came down to Earth, suffered and died for all peoples.

The Super Cool Story of Jesus

Children's animation telling the amazing story of Jesus - beautifully animated video showing the amazing things that Jesus said and did to show how God loves us.ory of how Jesus lived and loved

Servant Song

Are joy and peace beyond our reach? "Servant Song" meditates on how Jesus's life, death and resurrection bring life and hope to our brokenness.

The Myth That Really Happened

This video invites us to look again at the Easter story. What if this fairytale is the truth? What if Jesus really is the hero?

Jerusalem – Animated Video

A powerful animation of Jesus' death and resurrection to fit with the lyrics of the hymn 'Jerusalem'

The Seriously Surprising Story

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ followers as they get talking to someone who gives them the biggest surprise of all! Jesus' surprising story.

Divine Comedy

Engaging Christian video explores the Easter story. What is life, what kind of tale? Comedy or tragic? Is Easter the true comedy?

Dr Max Finds The Facts

Quirky Dr Max loves facts. Surely one fact is certain - no one beats death. Or is it?

Jesus Came To Rescue ___

A powerful video by Christians in Sport exploring the message of Luke 19:10. Who did Jesus come for? A great gospel explanation for the sporty.

Roll Away Your Stone

Explore why the empty tomb mattered to Mary and the others, and still does to millions around the world today.

Three Friends and the Miracle Man

Follow Simeon and Miriam in this animated Easter Story as they meet the 'Miracle Man' and find out why he came!

Authored To Die

Spoken word Christian video of the author of life rewriting history to come down into time and space and die on Good Friday as an offering for humanity's sin

I Am Pilate

A journalist is sent to the home of the former district governor, but his routine obituary fact check reveals an extraordinary secret.

The Greatest Love

Creative video that mixes colourful illustrations, Easter elements and a thoughtful script to help all ages understand what Jesus accomplished on the cross to bridge the gap between our stain of sin and God's holiness. Ideal for celebrating God's love in action this Easter!

Amazing Grace Poem

Beautiful spoken word poem that unpacks what God’s grace means: the release from the burden of earning approval, the relief of no longer doing it my way, a tender invitation to surrender.

Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Phil Moore's adaptation of Charles Wesley's classic Easter hymn lifts our voices to the joy of Easter Sunday - Alleluia!

I Stand Amazed

Sing of our Saviour's marvellous and wonderful love for us, exemplified in his death on the cross and secured by his triumphant resurrection.

We Have a Lamb

Sing of the blessings poured out on us at the cross: we have a sacrificial Lamb, a Shepherd to guide us, a stream to satisfy us and a Father who brings us home.

A Fountain from the Crucified

An original Easter tune from Phil Moore that reminds us of Christ's overflowing love shown on the cross that fills and fixes empty, broken hearts.

A Day Will Dawn

A hopeful, reflective song that looks forward to the certain hope of a renewed world and restored relationship with God, achieved by Christ's death on the cross and his glorious resurrection.


Trace Jesus' plan to mend a broken world - to his death? But the story doesn't end with his defeat. Jesus' resurrection secures us eternal life, a renewed world, eternal life and sin conquered forever.

When I Survey

Phil Moore's adaptation of Isaac Watts' classic Easter hymn fixes our eyes on the wonder of the cross and Jesus' divine, amazing love in action.

See Jesus Stripped of Majesty

Sing the words of Isaiah 53 and hear the cost of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross: the man of grief gave up his life so that we might sing for joy.

Part 2, Resurrection

From heartbreak to joy three days later, witness the realisation of Jesus’ certain victory through Peter’s eyes. Jesus went from fully perfect to fully broken so we could be fully fixed and forgiven, forever.

Part 1, Denial

Witness the emotional turmoil of events before Easter Sunday through the man who watched from the sidelines. Spoken word by Dai Woolridge from the perspective of Peter.

The First Love

The last year has seen love in action like no other - but we're not lovely all the time. How did God love unlovely people? He gave up his only Son and loved us - first.