Forever Perfect: Social Media

This short, creative and accessible stop-motion animation calls us to respond to climate change and points us to the promise of a forever perfect world. Download and share on social media for free, as a bite-size message to engage your local community online.

Social media licence


What do Christians have to say about the environment, COP26, and climate change?

It can be tricky to know how to engage with climate change as Christians. But we want to care for God's world and God's people, and be part of the wider conversations going on in our culture.

Without being prescriptive or judgemental, this creative and accessible stop-motion animation puts the climate change emergency in the Biblical context of our greed and selfishness, calls us to respond and points us to the promise of a forever perfect world.

Related Bible References:

  • Genesis 1
  • Revelation 21:1-4

Possible Discussion Questions: 

  • How can you start conversations with Christians or non-Christians about the environment?
  • What has struck you from this video? Why?


Stop-motion animation by Kezia Hulse

Kezia Hulse is an illustrator and stop-motion animator from York. Her past projects include work for Hallmark, English Heritage and London Nightline. She loves the Yorkshire landscape, the work of David Hockney and a good cup of tea.

Written and edited by Polly Standring

Polly Standring writes, films and edits faithful, relevant and quality videos for Go Chatter, and connects with Christian content-creators and churches. She loves being a Londoner, most outdoor sports and looking after her many plants.​

Licence Agreement

Social media licence

Permission has been granted by the content-creator to upload this video unedited directly to your personal or church’s social media. The social media license is an additional license that some videos have as some content creators have allowed some of their videos to be uploaded by churches to their social media channels.

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