Mother’s Day: A Day For You

This Mother’s Day video is perfect for showing in your church this coming Sunday as a sensitive way to honour mothers and women in your church who carry out a mothering role.

The Day the Earth Shook

Come and see Jesus’ super powerful, super strong love in action! Delightful pop-up book animation that tells the story of the day Jesus died, and explores why the earth shook.

Forever Perfect: Social Media

This short, creative and accessible stop-motion animation calls us to respond to climate change and points us to the promise of a forever perfect world. Download and share on social media for free, as a bite-size message to engage your local community online.

Mother’s Day

Thoughtful animation that acknowledges the emotions around Mother’s Day: tension, sadness, joy and thankfulness for the women in our lives who have loved us.

The Four Loves

In the Bible, there are four different types of love: eros, storge, philia and agape. This Valentine’s Day, learn the four types of love and how God’s agape love is the best love of all!

A Better Resolution

Do your new year’s resolutions deliver what they promise: a refined, more-together, ‘better’ you? What if there was someone who actually delivered? Who had the blueprint to the most fulfilled life ever, and offered it to you?

Hope for a Hopeless World

Discover the Bible’s accurate diagnosis of our world’s brokenness, and the certainty of the hope God offers in Jesus. How hopeful are you feeling?

Forever Perfect

Without being prescriptive or judgemental, this creative and accessible stop-motion animation puts the climate change emergency in the Biblical context of our greed and selfishness, calls us to respond and points us to the promise of a forever perfect world.

Skin Deep

Spoken word for Black History Month from the perspective of a white person with adopted black siblings, that looks to diagnose the deep-rooted problems beneath racism.