The Story of Genesis: Trusting God

The night before Jacob met Esau, he wrestled with a mysterious man! The man gave Jacob a new name: ‘Israel’, which means ‘to wrestle with God’. The struggle showed Jacob that he could trust God, even when it was scary!


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Episode 13: follow the story of Genesis from creation to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

God told Jacob to return home to the promised land, even though Esau was there. Jacob was terrified that Esau would still want to kill him and he prayed to God for help. The night before Jacob and Esau met again, a mysterious man wrestled with Jacob and injured his hip so he had a limp.

The man blessed Jacob and gave him a new name: 'Israel', which means 'to wrestle with God'. The struggle showed Jacob that he could trust God, even when it was scary, and Esau welcomed Jacob home! We also don't need to be afraid, because God is with us!

Suitable for primary school aged children.

(Created using TnT's 'On The Way' resources. Order 'On The Way: Book 1' from 10ofThose for accompanying resources.)

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How do you think Jacob felt when Esau welcomed him home?
  • What encourages you to trust in God when you are scared?

Related Bible Reference

  • Genesis 31-33


Produced by Bella Penton

Bella works as a youth ministry trainee for Christ Church Leyton as part of her gap year placement. This involves making Bible story videos for the Sunday School and Toddler ministries. Bella loves cats, geography and going to the theatre.

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