What was it like to be with Jesus? Series Bundle

This series explores the question: “What was it like to be with Jesus?” through a collection of six engaging videos. This series is an opportunity to go on a journey of discovery from Jesus’ first disciples being called, to his death and resurrection. 

The Story of Genesis Series Bundle

Discover through 13 creatively illustrated videos the themes found in Genesis, including God’s provision, guidance and what it means to trust in Him. This series unpacks some key bible stories, including the Flood, the call of Abraham and creation.

The Story of Genesis: God Keeps His Promises

Imagine having a baby when you’re 100 years old! That’s what happened to Abraham and Sarah, because God is powerful to keep his promises and gave them a son, even in their old age.

The Story of Genesis: God Cares

Sarah sent Ishamael and Hagar away but God promised to make Ishmael into a great nation and take care of him, even though he wasn’t the promised son. Abraham trusted God, and God provided a safe place for them to live.

The Story of Genesis: God Provides

Imagine having to give up what is most precious to you! Could you do it? God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham obeyed, even though it was scary. But then God provided a sheep to be sacrificed instead. Because Abraham had not even withheld his only son from God, God gave him a BIG promise of many descendants and great blessing!

The Story of Genesis: God Guides

God sent a special sign to Abraham’s servant to show that Rebecca was the right choice to be Isaac’s wife! Isaac and Rebecca were married, and God’s promises of a great nation began to be fulfilled! Today, we can look at God’s word to guide us even when things are difficult.

The Story of Genesis: Deceiving

Jacob and Rebecca tricked Isaac into giving Jacob his blessing, instead of Esau. When we lie to each other, there are sad consequences. But amazingly, God is still able to work through people’s sin to keep his promises.

The Story of Genesis: Trusting God

The night before Jacob met Esau, he wrestled with a mysterious man! The man gave Jacob a new name: ‘Israel’, which means ‘to wrestle with God’. The struggle showed Jacob that he could trust God, even when it was scary!

Jesus Walks on Water

In the 2nd episode of ‘What was it like to be with Jesus?’, we see him walking on water and calming a storm. Wow – only God could do that! Watch to discover what happens to Peter…

The Story of Genesis: Jacob’s Dream

Jacob had a dream of a stairway to heaven filled with angels, with God at the top. God made the same 3 BIG promises he’d made to Abraham to Jacob of many descendants to fill the promised land, and enjoy great blessing.

Jesus is Risen!

In the last episode of ‘What was it like to be with Jesus?’, Jesus rises from the dead! He has defeated death and we can come to him for forgiveness and eternal life, when we will know fully what it’s like to be with Jesus.

Jesus Dies to Save Us

In the fifth episode of ‘What was it like to be with Jesus?’, we see that Jesus’ death was all part of God’s plan to save us from sin. We can say “sorry” to God and “thank you” to Jesus for rescuing us!

The Last Supper

In the fourth episode of ‘What was it like to be with Jesus?’, Jesus gives his friends a special meal to remember him by: bread and wine to show his death on the cross to save us from our sins.

“Who do you say I am?”

In the third episode of ‘What was it like to be with Jesus?’, Jesus asks his followers, “who do you say I am?” Peter answers ‘the Messiah’, which means God’s special king. How would you answer Jesus’ question?

Jesus Calls His First Followers

In the first episode of ‘What was it like to be with Jesus?’ we meet Simon, Andrew, James and John who leave EVERYTHING to follow Jesus and have their lives changed and transformed by him!

The Story of Genesis: God Calls Abraham

God made three BIG promises to Abraham to do with the promised land, lots of children, and great blessing. These promises were God’s grace to those who didn’t deserve it but were loved by God.

The Story of Genesis: Jacob is Deceived

Laban tricked Jacob the same way Jacob tricked Esau. But despite Laban’s lies and deceit, God looked after Jacob and his family. God’s plans are much bigger than human plans so nothing can get in the way of him keeping his promises.

The Story of Genesis: Lot’s Choice

Lot moved to Sodom which had an impressive town and lots of green spaces. But Abraham didn’t focus on what looked best. Instead, he trusted in what God had in store for him. Today, we can trust God and turn to him when making decisions by reading God’s word in the Bible and praying.

The Story of Genesis: The Flood

The story of the Flood teaches us how S.I.N. makes God feel, how God punishes sin and how God provides a rescue for those who trust in him. Whenever we see a rainbow in the sky, we can remember God’s promise to rescue those who trust in him through Jesus!

The Story of Genesis: The Fall

The Fall is when S.I.N. came into the world. Sin is when we say ‘Shove off God, I’m in charge, No to your rule.’ In the garden, the man and woman lived happily in relationship with God – until the crafty serpent tempted them to eat fruit forbidden by God.

The Story of Genesis: Creation

Genesis means the “beginning”. When the world began, God didn’t need any ingredients or art supplies – there was nothing there. Instead, God created the world by speaking.

God Made Everything Series Bundle

Illustrated animation of days 1-7 of creation and the Fall for children aged 2-7 years old. Unpack how God made a beautiful and ordered world in days 1-7 of creation.

Meals With Jesus Series Bundle

Meals with Jesus is a nine-episode children’s animated series that follows nine meals Jesus had with people in Luke’s gospel.

Meals with Jesus: With Zacchaeus

Jesus came to find and save lost sinners, like Zacchaeus, and welcome them into God’s family. How amazing that Jesus wants to be friends with sinners!

Meals with Jesus: Lunch with Levi

Levi was a traitor with a big S.I.N. problem. He needed Jesus to change his heart. The Pharisees thought they were healthy, and didn’t need Jesus. Just like Levi, when we trust that Jesus has saved us through his death on the cross, we can be forgiven.

Meals with Jesus: The Greatest Party Ever

One day, Jesus will throw the greatest party ever in heaven and it will be full of surprising guests, just like his parable. Jesus invites us, ‘come on in to my party!’ Will you say yes to Jesus’ invitation?

Meals with Jesus: Supper in Emmaus

Two friends from Jerusalem had dinner with a mysterious man, who did something very familiar. When Jesus broke the bread, they recognised him for who he was!

Meals with Jesus: The Last Supper

Jesus and the disciples ate bread and drank wine to remember Jesus as the Lamb who died on the cross and took our punishment. Today, we call this meal the Lord’s Supper or Communion to remember Jesus and look forward to our meal with Jesus in heaven!

Meals with Jesus: Best Seat in the House

Jesus went to a party where everyone thought they should have the best seat, so he told a story to show that following God is about loving him and putting others first.

Meals with Jesus: At Mary and Martha’s

When Jesus came for a meal, Martha rushed around cooking and cleaning – but Mary stopped everything to listen. Which sister did the right thing? Why is listening to Jesus so important?

Meals with Jesus: Big Picnic

Hungry people needed feeding and sick people needed healing! Jesus did something only God could do: he fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish and there were 12 baskets of leftovers!

Meals with Jesus: Supper at Simon’s

Simon, a respected church-goer, and a woman with a bad reputation both have a meal with Jesus. But only one understands that they are a sinner in need of a saviour – and only one thanks Jesus. Watch to discover who it is!

God Made Everything: Day 7 and the Fall

Watch how S.I.N. (Shove off God, I’m in charge, No to your rules) entered the world and God started his amazing rescue plan to send a serpent-crusher king!

God Made Everything: Day 6

Watch as God speaks animals into being and hear the child-friendly, simple explanation of the creation of Adam and Eve. On Day 6 of creation, the world was VERY good!

God Made Everything: Days 1-5

Watch the world appear out of nothing, as God speaks creation into being and covers earth with water, plants, lights, birds and sea creatures! Suitable for children 2-7 years.