Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the most influential but also controversial person in history. He’s been labelled a liar and lunatic, but what does Jesus have to say about himself? Ben unpacks John 8:48-59 to explore Jesus’ claims and whether he is God.


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Liar, lunatic - or God?

The most influential person in history, Jesus' biographies have topped the international bestseller list for 2,000 years. We organise our calendar around his birth, define Western law and morality by his teachings, and 2.5 billion across the globe call him their personal Saviour.

But he's also the most controversial person in history. He's been labelled a fairytale, revolutionary, controlling propaganda, a conman, a prophet, an angel or demon and God.

In this engaging talk, Ben explores Jesus' claims about himself from John 8:48-59, and unpacks those 7 labels to see which stick.

We're left with the question 'who do you say Jesus is?' and the implications for our lives. If Jesus is God, we're not here by chance, we don't get to decide what is like, and we need to listen to Jesus' message about life and death.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Who do you say Jesus is? What personal implications does your answer have?
  • If you're not convinced that Jesus is who he says he is, what is holding you back? What might be your next step?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 8:48-59



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Ben's background includes work as an experienced animator and art director in London. He now helps pastor a church in Essex called Danbury Mission.

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