Produced by 2V Studios

Essentials 2 – Reject

Discover what Jesus thinks of our spiritual condition.

Essentials 2 – Reject begins in the doctor’s surgery. You’ve arrived feeling totally fine, but as you’re there, the doctor runs a few tests and asks you to come back in a week. The results are in, and they show that, although you feel normal, cancer is growing. The Bible tells us that we are all suffering from a severe spiritual condition. By nature, we all live in rebellion against our loving Creator, which leaves us deserving of death. This in a hard truth to hear, but it is how we have treated God, and the consequences are just as difficult to absorb. Jesus is honest with us about our condition, not because he enjoys scaring us, but so that we have the opportunity to take advantage of an amazing rescue that he offers.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What does it mean to commit “cosmic treason”? Who does it affect?
  • Why is Jesus’s warning loving?



Produced by 2V Studios

2V studios are a South Wales Film and Production studio who are passionate about engaging audiences with impactful films and videos.

Presented by Lee McMunn

Lee McMunn married to Vicky is a Senior Minister at Trinity Church Scarborough and the mission director of Anglican Mission in England. Previously Lee also wrote and presented the Identity Course.

Videographer: Andy Toovey