Essentials 5: Response

When do I know enough about Jesus to become a Christian? How do I become a Christian? Find out by watching “Essentials 5: Response”.

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Discover how to become a Christian when you know enough about Jesus.

This fifth and final video in the "Essentials" series explains how you can become a Christian if you decide you want to follow Jesus. We don't have to know everything about God before we decide to put our trust in him, just like when we get married we don't know everything about our spouse. We just need to know enough to want to trust and follow him for the rest of our lives. The other videos in this series are a helpful place to start if you're still looking to find out more about Jesus's claims and why he took on human form to start a conversation with you.

Possible Discussion Question

  • Is there anything else you want to know about Jesus before you decide whether or not to follow him?
  • What benefits would you enjoy as a follower of Jesus? What might be the cost?


Presented by Lee McMunn

Lee McMunn married to Vicky is a Senior Minister at Trinity Church Scarborough and the mission director of Anglican Mission in England. Previously Lee also wrote and presented the Identity Course.

Produced by 2V Studios

2V studios are a South Wales Film and Production studio who are passionate about engaging audiences with impactful films and videos.

Videographer Andy Toovey

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