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FA Cup Anthem: Abide with Me

Find out the true story behind the FA Cup Final anthem sung each year at the Wembley final.

It’s one of many well-loved traditions surrounding the FA Cup: thousands join in singing the hymn before each final…but what do the words mean? This short video explains the dramatic circumstances in which “Abide with me” was written and why it is such an encouraging and significant hymn for Christian believers as well as football fans. The lyrics speak of the incredible hope we can have in the Lord Jesus, even in life’s most difficult moments. Because Jesus died and then rose again, we need have no fear in death as “Heaven’s morning breaks/ Earth’s vain shadows flee/ In life, in death, O Lord abide with me.” Knowing Jesus and experiencing the new life which can be enjoyed in him now and for eternity is wonderful news! Whether or not your team get to lift the cup this year, as you hear the crowd sing out the FA Cup Final anthem, it’s worth contemplating, what’s your hope in?

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What is your hope in?
  • What was Henry Lyte’s hope in? Why did he not fear dying?



Created by Go Chatter

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