Jesus Calls The First Disciples

In the first episode of this brilliant and humorous animated series, Following Jesus, we see some of the key moments in the early work of Jesus

The Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist: “This is my own dear Son, I am pleased with him.”

Jesus teaching the crowds: “God blesses those people who grieve, they will find comfort.”

A miracle and the calling of the first disciples. – Jesus encourages some fishermen to let down their nets again after a fruitless night of fishing. They catch so many fish their nets start to break and their fishing boats are filled! “Don’t be afraid. Follow me, from now on you will be catching people, instead of fish.”

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think the fishermen were at first afraid after witnessing Jesus’ miracle?
  • What does it mean to ‘catch people’ instead of fish?

Related Bible Reference

  • Luke 3
  • Luke 5



Created by Rod March

Rod is a screenwriter, director and animator based in Sydney. After completing a Bachelor in Design (Visual Communication), Rod has worked as a director or animator on a number of movies, short films and freelance projects.