Produced by LPA Church

God Grows His Church

To change the world

This is one of a series of engagingly illustrated videos for children, based on the apostle Paul’s teaching. It teaches a clear message that God grows His church to change the world. It expresses the simplicity of sharing our faith in Jesus. We tell people about Jesus, but God is the one who brings the growth. Churches are not building, the church developed out of Paul telling people about Jesus, and God using that to grow his church. The church are people who are forgiven so they can love others, and make the world better.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How do you feel about telling other people about Jesus?
  • Who could you tell about Jesus?

Related Bible Reference

  • 1 Corinthians 3:6



Produced by LPA Church

St Paul’s & St Stephen’s are Anglican churches in the Reformed & Evangelical tradition. We exist to know, serve & proclaim Jesus in our mining community west of Sydney & beyond.

Written by Mark Smith

Mark has known Jesus since childhood & has had the privilege of serving Christ in the city & country, on both sides of the globe (Australia & Ireland). Supported by his wife & 5 children, he’s been the Rector of the Anglican Parish of Lithgow since 2012.

Illustrations Tiarne Hookham

Tiarne came to know Jesus as a teenager, and now attends the Anglican Parish of Lithgow with her husband, Scott, and two children. She enjoys time spent being creative- particularly painting with watercolours and graphic design.

Illustrations: Scott Hookham