Written and performed by Emma Clark

Hidden Treasure

The hidden treasure that is a loving whisper of hope as our Father calls

Our world is full of darkness, pain and fear – especially 2020. And left to ourselves, we have no light, cure or hope. But this video celebrates our certain hope in Jesus in these hard times remembering God’s promise and love is bigger than all our earthly battles.

Emma’s video creatively combines poetry, paper and illustrations to reveal how Jesus’ seemingly inauspicious birth is a message of life to a broken world. The first Christmas day led to the first Easter day and Jesus’ victorious defeat over darkness, pain and fear.

This treasure may have been hidden away in straw and hay but let’s not hide this amazing life saving and hopeful news this Christmas.

Happy Christmas and a hopeful new year!



Written and performed by Emma Clark

Emma is currently in the middle of studying for her GCSE’s. She loves dancing and being outside with her family but also enjoys writing poems and video editing too.