Written and performed by Dai Woolridge

I’m Full Cos It Was Empty

Fullness and forgiveness because Jesus rose from the tomb​

Easter is a funny time of year. You come back from the Christmas holidays, you hit the ground running then all of a sudden the clocks go forward and you’re in April.

Now Christmas is known as the celebration of Christ…and though sometimes it may not be celebrated, the clue is sort of in the name.

But what about Easter? Some chocoholic Bunny and a sugar rush on Easter weekend…there’s got to be more to the story.

When it boils down to it – Easter is central to the Christian faith. Who would have thought that a weekend would have been so key to the fate of humanity? 

The reality is we can find fullness and full on forgiveness because Jesus rose from the tomb.

In other words, we can be full, cos it was empty.

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • What do you think Jesus meant when he said “It is finished”?
  • What is it in the resurrection, that means that Christians can say “I’m full cos it was empty”?



Written and performed by Dai Woolridge

Dai Woolridge is a welsh poet, author and an award winning spoken word artist. Dai loves it when Wales do well in the rugby, is married to Cath and lives in Pontypridd.

Producer: 2V Studios

Sound: Joe O Hare