Jesus is the Hero

From the album ‘The Greatest Rescue Ever’, this song points to Jesus as the ultimate Hero and King of every story!

 A sing-a-long lyric video with actions, this song reassures us that Jesus is the King of every story, whether we’re having a good time or not. His death and resurrection wrote the ending for every story, so we can trust him to guide us through the battles of life – large or small – because he has won the war.


1) Is it fine to upload this song as part of an online service?

If you have an active CCLI license then you are allowed to incorporate this music lyric video into an online service.

2) What is the licence agreement?

By purchasing this video you are being granted a licence for its use in the following ways:

  • To use the video as part of a complete online church service of no less than 20mins, comprising no more than 60% musical content.
  • To display the video at an offline, in person, church service or small group.



Written by Michael J Tinker

Michael J Tinker is a songwriter, actor and recording artist, currently focusing on creating music and drama for families with theological depth

Written by: Jo Tinker