Life to the Full

Life to the Full

Ever asked the question: "How can I live life to the full?"

It’s great to catch up with friends and share food. But there’s more to life than eating and drinking. There’s more to life than natural needs and wants. Our hunger for love, significance, and happiness is a universal human experience.

How can you live life to the full? Could the problem be that we’re all too easily pleased? This animated video shares about the one who can really satisfy our souls forever?

Animation: Joseph Michael
Music: John Lucas

This video was created for the international food evening held at Amyand Park Chapel, Twickenham, England.

Possible discussion questions

How are some of the ways that movies, music and the culture around us recommend people try to live life to the full?

How is the satisfaction found in knowing God, far better than those smaller things we often put our hopes in?

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