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The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

This storybook animation takes us on a journey from the Garden of Eden to God’s perfect new creation. It's a gospel presentation that focuses on the significance of the temple curtain.

The Myth That Really Happened

This video invites us to look again at the Easter story. What if this fairytale is the truth? What if Jesus really is the hero?

Jesus is Alive!

Jesus' resurrection changed everything for Peter - and changes everything for us too! Creative watercolour illustrations and a thoughtful script will help all ages understand what happened between Jesus' death and the early church beginning!

The Wrong Way Round

God made everything the wrong way round on one day to put everything the right way round in eternity. Creative watercolour illustrations and a thoughtful script will help all ages understand what happened when Jesus died.

What Is Sin

Sin is often connoted to the really bad deeds, like murder or stealing. Yet we explore in this video that sin is really imperfection: missing the mark of God’s perfect standard for humankind.

The Rose – Matt Chandler

This video is a powerful representation of how God chose to die for us and loves us despite our sinful, broken ways. Matt Chandler tells his story of being at a youth conference where the speaker spoke about sexual sin using a single red rose.

Duncan’s Story

Great Christian testimony video of how God used the Psalms to speak powerfully and personally to convict Duncan of his sin and need to be cleansed.

What Is Christianity

A boiled-down explanatory video about what Christianity is, what Jesus has to do with it, how to become a Christian and how it impacts your life.

The Only Way to God

Christian video clearly explaining John 14:6 to show that Jesus is being honest not intolerant when He says He is the only way to God.


Since the fall, we've been covering up. Can we be accepted? This video looks at how our sin is dealt with by God. Instead of trying to cover up our shame, we see in Jesus an offer of full acceptance.

A New Ticket

A modern, Pilgrim's Progress-style analogy of the cross' great exchange. On his journey through Town, Man loses his valuable ticket to a seat on an aeroplane that will take him far away. Who will pay the price for a new one?

How do I become a Christian?

It's as simple as A, B, C: Admit your sin, Believe Jesus is Lord, Commit your life to Jesus and live for him. There aren't any fancy rules or rituals, and you don't need to be good enough.

Anti-Santy Ranty

Is God a giant Father Christmas? A moralistic dispenser of stuff - someone who's watching and waiting to spot our mistakes? Or is there something more to him?

Make Way for the King

A Christians In Sport video investigating the claim of Matthew's Gospel. Is he really King of all? Will we make way for him?

The Two Sides of Sport

A powerful video by Christians in Sport with interviews from Garin Jenkins, Jonathan Webb and Ann O'Flynn.

Life According to Jesus in 321

Have you ever wondered what Jesus makes of the big issues: God, the World, and You? Watch "Life According to Jesus in 3,2,1" to find out!

The Two Sides of Sport

A powerful video by Christians in Sport with interviews from Debbie Flood, Linvoy Primus and Garin Jenkins.

It’s Not Fair

Where is God when tragedy strikes? Watching from the sidelines, powerless to help? Find out what the Bible tells us, watch "It's not fair".

I’m Not That Bad

If the required standard's perfection, what hope have I got? "I'm not that Bad" shares the secret to living free from judgement and free from fear.


Jesus asks Peter ‘Who do you say I am?’. This Uncover video asks: Does it matter how people define us? Who are we? Who is Jesus?

Life to the Full

Our hunger for love, significance, and happiness is a universal human experience. How can you live life to the full?

Is Mark’s Story Reliable?

Thought-provoking Christian video - Cambridge University Lecturer points out some surprising facts about the reliability of Mark's Gospel.

Good News in 90 Seconds

Creative Christian video explaining the main message found in the Gospels and the good news about Jesus into just 90 seconds.

What’s Your Problem?

A video exploring what people view as the most significant problems facing us today. But what did Jesus think on the subject? What was his solution?

The Monster

This powerfully animated Christian video tells the story of a monster and explores how we have all done wrong, and need forgiveness.

The Greatest Discovery

What could be better than discovering George Best's talent? Watch this video to find out more about Jesus's claim to be the greatest treasure

Real Lives: The Ex-Terrorist

Powerful evangelistic video - ex-terrorist Billy McCurrie talks about the Troubles, how he became a Christian in Maze prison and his life now.

Come Home For Christmas

Christian video exploring what home means to different people. A place of safety or hurt? This Christmas, accept Jesus' invitation to come home.

A 21st Century Christmas

Do you box Jesus up like a present under the tree, or recognise him as your only hope, the one who lasts forever, even when Christmas is over? 

Arms Wide Open

This powerful poem about the Easter story exemplifies the extent of God's love, how he came down to Earth, suffered and died for all peoples.

Servant Song

Are joy and peace beyond our reach? "Servant Song" meditates on how Jesus's life, death and resurrection bring life and hope to our brokenness.

Roll Away Your Stone

Explore why the empty tomb mattered to Mary and the others, and still does to millions around the world today.

Authored To Die

Spoken word Christian video of the author of life rewriting history to come down into time and space and die on Good Friday as an offering for humanity's sin.