Written and performed by Caleb Shaw

New Year 2021

The Promise I Can’t Keep

We love to make new year’s resolutions. whether it’s going to the gym, spending less time watching TV or even a diet, these last for a few weeks, but gradually they disappear. We can’t rely on these promises we can’t keep! This video tells the story of a promise we can rely on, a promise that doesn’t disappear with time, the story of the real promised solution.

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Written and performed by Caleb Shaw

Caleb Shaw is a videographer and spoken word artist. He produces videos for churches and corporate Christian clients as well as his own short videos helping people understand the Christian faith.

Produced by Rhyme Reason

Rhyme and Reason is an evangelical video ministry set up to help the spread of the gospel through online videos. As well as producing videos for organisations, we produce free-to-use evangelistic media and spoken words videos.