Not Just a Baby

When we look in the manger, do we just see a baby, or something more?

Christmas…the nativity. We’re familiar with the main characters of the nativity scene – we see them each year drawn in cartoons on greetings cards, or acted out by sweet school children. The shepherds clutching their woolly sheep, angels adorned with glitter, a Mary a Joseph dressed up with tea towels. The star of the show, we know, is the baby Jesus, placed ceremoniously in the manger.

Just a baby? This spoken word poem invites us to consider the baby in the cot and to look forward to what he came to Earth to do.

  • ‘He’s just a baby but will walk on the seas, feed thousands with nothing and perform miracles with ease…’
  • ‘He’s just a baby, yet will speak to every nation, broken heart and lost soul, fight for their salvation…’
  • ‘He’s just a baby, yet when he’s laid in his grave, raise up three days later’

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • Why is it so important to consider the whole of Jesus’ life at Christmas time, not just his birth.
  • Can you think of some ways we could share the amazing message of Jesus with others, specifically at Christmas time?



Produced by roarlight

roarlight is a faith-based film production company in London. Their aim is to produce innovative and ground breaking faith-based films, series and documentaries. They also make resources for churches, small groups and schools.

Script: Faith Syrstad

Script: Paul Syrstad