Produced by Rod March

Parable Of The Sower

Animation retelling one of Jesus’ famous parables.

In this video, we look at the parable of the sower in a humorous but thought-provoking way.

When a farmer sows seeds on the ground, we know that he is fully expecting them to grow and produce a crop. Sadly, this is not always the outcome. Here, we see how some seeds do not have the right soil they need to grow. Shallow, rocky or thorny ground can only be bad news!

Of course, Jesus didn’t just want to give us a lesson in farming. As always, this parable has a deeper meaning, about how we hear and understand God’s word.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What kinds of things can be like the ‘thorns’ in your life?
  • How can we be good ‘soil’ for the Word of God to grow in us?

Related Bible Reference

  • Matthew 13:1-23



Produced by Rod March

Rod is a screenwriter, director and animator based in Sydney. After completing a Bachelor in Design (Visual Communication), Rod has worked as a director or animator on a number of movies, short films and freelance projects.