Planet Earth II Part B

What could be more extravagant, more incredible than the wonder of nature that we see around us on Planet Earth?

And yet we’ve messed it up! Plastic islands aren’t the worst of it. We’ve squandered natural resources, but we’ve also broken relationships and let one another down. We’ve lived selfishly so that the perfect God who made us cannot continue to be part of our lives.

This is not the end of the story! When it looked most hopeless, God’s extravagant love for us prompted him to launch a rescue mission to bring us back to him! This short video extends the challenge: what will you do with God’s offer to make a fresh start?

Footage and audio used in this Planet Earth style video is either purchased royalty free stock footage, has been filmed by Go Chatter or is footage that is under a CC0 public domain license.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How have we failed to live in a way that looks after our world? Each other?
  • What has God done to give us the opportunity to have a fresh start with him?



Produced by Go Chatter

Go Chatter has created a number of evangelistic videos linked to current events or trending topics, videos with a seasonal emphasis and others that feature someone’s life-story.

Script and Editing by Dan Rackham

Dan Rackham has been creating evangelistic videos online for 5 years, his videos have been watched just over 4 million times. Previously Dan served as an evangelist and community worker at a church in Liverpool and before that worked in Corporate Banking at RBS.