Produced by Rod March

Parable Of The Lost Son

The Parable of the Prodigal Son: Reimagined.

Picture this story: a loving Dad is rejected and cast-off by one of his sons, who greedily wastes his Dad’s wealth living the high life. When eventually the money runs out and the new ‘friends’ disappear, the son’s only option is to crawl back to his Dad and face the consequences. But what will the Dad do?

Jesus often spoke in stories, or parables, to teach us something about God. Here, we learn about how God, the Father, reacts to anyone who returns to him, just like the lost son.

We may or may not be familiar with the parable Jesus told about the Prodigal Son, but this video brilliantly shows what the story may look like today.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Do you think the Father’s reaction when his son returns is surprising?
  • How can we sometimes act like the lost son?

Related Bible Reference

  • Luke 15:11-32



Produced by Rod March

Rod is a screenwriter, director and animator based in Sydney. After completing a Bachelor in Design (Visual Communication), Rod has worked as a director or animator on a number of movies, short films and freelance projects.