Produced by Rhyme Reason

A Letter to Students on Results day

We were made for far more than this 

Over the moon with your results? Or utterly discouraged? In this spoken word letter, the hopes and divisions that grades offer us are dismantled. 

Of course, we can thank God if we’re happy, or be honest about our disappointment. But our results don’t need to define us. When we look at the eclectic crowd Jesus spent time with, we see that success stories, top careers and big paychecks weren’t his priority. He is far more interested in a life that uses its different gifts to serve God, and give him the glory – rather than stealing it for ourselves. 

Disappointing results now are hard to take, but remember: we are intentionally not all designed the same. And when we get to heaven, we won’t be divided by scores, points, letters or numbers. Jesus has given us the only ‘pass’ we will ever need. We can live in freedom from definition by results, looking forward to an eternity that is based on our relationship with God, not performance.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Do you think you need to have good results to be happy and accepted? By yourself? By your friends? By God?

  • Does remembering you have an eternity with God in heaven change your perspective on results? If so, how?

Related Bible Reference

  • 2 Corinthians 4:16-18



Produced by Rhyme Reason

Rhyme and Reason is an evangelical video ministry set up to help the spread of the gospel through online videos. As well as producing videos for organisations, we produce free-to-use evangelistic media and spoken words videos.

Performed by Caleb Shaw

Caleb Shaw is a videographer and spoken word artist. He produces videos for churches and corporate Christian clients as well as his own short videos helping people understand the Christian faith.