Tackling Big Emotions with God

Where can we go when we feel overwhelmed by life?

Our children are handling some big emotions: loneliness, fear, worry, confusion. They may be small, but the pressures on them can be huge. They might be tempted to think ‘Does God even care?’ But they were never meant to deal with this alone.

The Psalms don’t shy away from big emotions. In fact, many of them were written to deal with big emotions! The Psalms give our children confidence that they are loved, that God is right there with them, that he is their safe place and that he offers lasting peace amidst the lurking monsters of big emotions.

Let’s teach our children to turn to God with these emotions, so he can tend to their troubled hearts. We can all tackle life’s biggest challenges and emotions as the church, with God, together!

Download Faith in Kids’ NEW With God Together resources about tackling big emotions through the Psalms.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How do you usually deal with big emotions?
  • What are some of the Bible’s big promises when you feel overwhelmed?



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