Plan as Old as Time

Plan as Old as Time

Beauty and the Beast, the new Disney live action film has an incredible sound track! The Tale As Old As Time song from the movie was so wonderful we created our version: Plan As Old As Time.

This is a parody music video from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with an arrangement and lyrics to a well loved tune from the film. We hope you enjoy this and can share it with someone who loves Disney songs and would be interested to hear some Christian lyrics sharing about how God had a plan for humanity from before time began.


Plan as old as time
Truth to set us free
Enemies to friends
Meet the God who mends Undeservedly.
Hearts and minds are changed,
Slaves to sin released
Endless life is shared, Innocence declared,
Beauty for the least.

That’s why Jesus came,
That’s why Jesus died
He came to restore,
Favour just and sure,
God is by our side.

Plan as old as time,
Way to right the wrong.
Man and God estranged – So this could be changed,
Jesus came along.
Certain life he won,
We can be released.

Plan as old as time,
Sight of the sublime,
Beauty for the least.

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