Beauty And The Beast

Children love “Beauty and the Beast”, but what happens if Beast dies, is that a good ending? And what about us? Can we have a good ending?


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What makes for a good ending?

Children love the classic fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast", but what happens if the ending changes? Does the story have the same appeal? This thought-provoking video shows how a select audience responded to a new version of the film where the curse remains, there is no last-minute victory over death, so Beast dies.

Would anyone prefer this retelling? Needless to say, our audience were very relieved to see the original ending restored as "you can't have a good story without a good ending", can you?

This point has a great deal of traction in real life if we start to think about how our own story might end. The Bible's account of Jesus' death gives Christians an incredible hope even in the face of death, as Jesus himself puts it, "Because I live, you also will live."

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What kind of ending do you believe in?
  • Why does Jesus' death give Christians such incredible hope?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 14:19


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