The Best Invitation Ever

The Best Invitation Ever

A rescue mission from cosmic treason! A loving relationship that will last forever.

Take a look at God and what he’s like in this short 4min animation about the greatest invitation of all time.


If we want to know if there is a God and what he is like then the best place to start is with Jesus. When I say Jesus, I mean the real Jesus. The captivating, beautiful and relevant person who made footprints on this earth, and who we hear about in the Bible. The person who said he was the Son of God. The God who has always existed is a united family of three divine persons. The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. It’s what Christians call the Trinity. It’s the delightful conviction that for all eternity at the very heart of the universe is a relationship of perfect love.

And the amazing news is that 2,000 years ago the Son of God was born. This happened so that Jesus could rescue us from the greatest danger we face. What do we need rescuing from? We have been created by God, this means he has the right to tell us how to live. Now this isn’t a bad thing. God doesn’t want to spoil our fun, no he wants to maximise our joy. The way he does this is by giving us loving boundaries like a loving father who adores his children and wants them to thrive. God tells us what to do, and what to avoid. However instead of listening to God we all reject him, we all decide to live our lives our way.

Now we usually call this personal freedom or self expression but its true name is sin or cosmic treason. We deserve to be punished for this. And the punishment that fits the crime is for us to experience the full force of God’s anger forever, in a place called hell. But the great news is that Jesus came to rescue us from this terrifying future. Jesus came to save us from eternal punishment.

How did he do it? When his hands and feet were nailed to a wooden cross, and he was lifted up to suffer in our place. Motivated by love, Jesus sacrificed himself to pay for our sin. The punishment we deserve to experience in hell, was suffered by Jesus on the cross. But Jesus’ death was not the end of the story. He was raised to enjoy new physical life and this was God the Father’s way of demonstrating that Jesus’ suffering had fully paid the price of our sins.

But what are we rescued for? The answer is breathtaking, an eternal relationship with each member of the Trinity. We are saved for love. Jesus wants us to surrender to him as our King. Which is a great way to live. With Jesus in charge, every part of us will gradually be made more beautiful. When anyone decides to live like this they are united to Jesus. And so Jesus’ father becomes their Father this means a Christian instantly becomes a child in the Father’s family. Which results in lots of new brothers and sisters.

Now you may fear that you can never change to be the way Jesus expects. But if you choose to follow Jesus as your King, the Holy Spirit will live within you. And he will help you to do what Jesus commands. A Christian is someone who has decided to stop committing cosmic treason. Instead of rejecting God’s loving boundaries they have embraced Jesus as their King. And as a result they have benefited from his death on the cross. They have been rescued from the punishment they deserve and now enjoy a loving relationship with the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, a relationship that will last forever.

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