The Story of Pentecost

Creative re-telling of Acts 2:1-41 for Pentecost Sunday

Creative all-age video that re-tells the story of Pentecost, by paraphrasing Acts 2:1-41, and connecting the story of Pentecost 2,000 years ago with churches today. Trace God’s hand at work through Pentecost and the start of the early church in Acts, to the church you’re sitting in today and be encouraged that you aren’t alone.

Atmospheric sound effects and an engaging narration make this video accessible for all ages, either as a service introduction or feature for Pentecost Sunday.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • The disciples went from scared to boldly sharing the gospel! What encourages you about the story of Pentecost?
  • Can you think of some ways God has kept your church going?

Related Bible Reference

  • Acts 2:1-41



Created by Polly Standring

Polly Standring is being trained in videography and production with Go Chatter. She loves being a Londoner, drawing UK landmarks, most sports and looking after her many plants.