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We Need To Trust Jesus

Jesus has the power over sickness. He speaks and what he wills is done.

Faith in Kids has released a series of 8 lessons ideal for family Bible times journeying through Matthew’s Gospel to see we need Jesus. This video and accompanying resource, which is lesson 3 of 8 teaches us that we need to trust Jesus.

This video is a child-friendly recreation of the story of the faith of the centurion in Matthew 8:5-13. This Centurion was a powerful man, but he is powerless to help his servant when he falls ill and comes to Jesus for help. He approaches Jesus humbly, knowing that he is unworthy to even have Jesus enter his house. The Centurion’s faith is commended by Jesus and with a word he heals the servant from miles away. Like the Centurion, we need to understand our own helplessness and depend totally on Jesus. He is the king of heaven and we can trust him with anything.

Thumbnail of the extra PDF resource Lesson 3

Accompanying Resources

The video download comes with an accompanying 4 page PDF resource that contains activities, craft ideas, a teaching guide, and questions to use alongside the video.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How does remembering that Jesus is in charge, even sickness, encourage your heart and your faith today?
  • How does knowing that Jesus has power help you to
    trust him?

Related Bible Reference

  • Matthew 8:5-13



Produced by Faith In Kids

Faith in Kids supports churches and parents so that children can engage with Jesus Christ and respond to him, having their hearts and minds captured by Christ’s words. They resource, equip and support those who oversee the children’s ministry in their local church as well as also encouraging and equip parents to open the Bible and speak about faith in Christ with their children at home.