Year In Search 2016

Year In Search 2016

2016; the good the bad and the ugly - a montage of many of the biggest events that shaped the previous year.

Loss, Success, Division & Achievement: it’s been a mixed year! Check out this video review of the year edited in the style of a Google – Year in Search 2016 video and take a moment to ponder what your hope is in.


2016 was a year of loss,
2016 was a year of success,
2016 was a year of division,
2016 was a year of achievement.

We search to make sense of events:
What impact will Brexit have?
Why did the ceasefire end?
Why are so many celebs dying?

We search longing for an answer that brings hope, that brings peace.
But what we find, is it what we really need?

What will bring us lasting hope?
In 2017 where can I find lasting hope?

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