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Remembrance Day: Sacrifice

As we remember those who died for our freedom, this video reminds us of Christ whose sacrifice for his enemies gives us the opportunity to have eternal life.

Habakkuk Episode 3: Faith Restored

In the final video of this series, see how Habakkuk responds by praising God, demonstrating how much God can impact our lives.

Habakkuk Episode 2: Life By Faith

In the second of this three video series, see how Habakkuk finds a great glimmer of hope that anticipates the good news of Jesus: the righteous will live by faith.

Habakkuk Episode 1: Crying Out To God

In the first of this three video series, see how Habakkuk cried out to God in the first chapter of this Old Testament book. Let this be a reminder that we can do the same!

Exodus Bundle: Know the LORD

The Exodus series from Video Bible Talks is a six-video series of talks from the Old Testament Bible book of Exodus. This series takes us through the entire book of Exodus, with discussion questions to consider individually, or use as a part of your small group conversations.

Exodus Episode 6: Better Than Freedom

In this sixth and final video, we look at Exodus 33-40. In this section of the book, God describes to Moses His plan for the Tabernacle, a place where He can dwell among His people.

Exodus Episode 5: The Problem Within

In this fifth video, we look at Exodus 32 and see how even though God’s people had been rescued from slavery in Egypt, they were still slaves to sin in their hearts.

Exodus Episode 4: The New Life God Gives

In this fourth video, we look at Exodus 18-31 and see how the new life God gives means living right with God and living right with other people. This new life is how life works best, and it is the life we get to live because of what the LORD has done for us.

Exodus Episode 2: Know The Lord

In this second video, we look at Exodus 5-11 and see how God wants His people to know him as the LORD God of salvation. He is a promise-keeping God, who wants to be close to His people. Those who reject God will come to know Him as the LORD God of judgement.

Exodus Episode 3: Through Death to Life

In this third video, we look at Exodus 12-17 and see how God is the LORD who makes a way where there is no other way, keeping us safe from our enemies and even making a way through death itself.

Exodus Episode 1: Worse Than Slavery

This first video explores Exodus 1-4, when God’s people were slaves in Egypt. They had forgotten the LORD as their God, but God promised to rescue them from slavery and restore their relationship with him as their God.

Is Mark’s Story Reliable?

Thought-provoking Christian video - Cambridge University Lecturer points out some surprising facts about the reliability of Mark's Gospel.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

This video tells a generational war story that was passed down to reiterate the bravery, integrity and courage by all those who fought in the war and are serving in the armed forces today. The video uses this family tale to illustrate Jesus death in a really simple and relevant style.

The Story of Martin Luther

Who smuggled nuns out of a convent in barrels and lived disguised in a castle? Find our more about Martin Luther in our Playmobil Stop motion animation.

Year In Search 2016

Loss, success, division, achievement: see this montage of the highs and lows of the drama of 2016 and consider where do you place your hope?