Year in Search 2017

A review of 2017 showing how Jesus is the truth we need

Each year Google release a video reviewing the year. This is our Year in Search 2017 in a similar style. Our video points to Jesus being the one in whom we can find truth.

In a year of much division and hostility people will be asking lots of questions. These questions reflect a longing for truth. Our video tries to sensitively challenge who we trust to tell us the truth. We wanted to shine a spotlight on Jesus, showing how he is the Truth.

This video would be ideal for sharing with friends on social media or downloading for use in a New Year service.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Who do you trust to tell you the truth every time? Is there anyone in your life who will never let you down?
  • What do you think of Jesus’s claim to be the way, the truth and the life?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 14:6
  • John 6:68



Produced by Go Chatter

Go Chatter has created a number of evangelistic videos linked to current events or trending topics, videos with a seasonal emphasis and others that feature someone’s life-story.

Script and Editing by Dan Rackham

Dan Rackham has been creating evangelistic videos online for 5 years, his videos have been watched just over 4 million times. Previously Dan served as an evangelist and community worker at a church in Liverpool and before that worked in Corporate Banking at RBS.