Born to Play

Another way

Why do you play? Because you were born to play! But so often we play sport for the wrong reasons – we’re seeking glory, success, approval from our team mates: it’s all about me and my achievements, my talent. We leave God out, we reject him.

Even while we were serving our own ambition, God reached out to us and offered us another way to play. This video explains that when we know Jesus as our Lord and saviour it makes a difference to how we understand and play sport. How can we use our God-given talents and gift for sport to serve the Lord and to bring him glory? In his great love, he has called each one of us to live a new life in Christ and in that new life we can play whatever we were born to play with true joy and freedom.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Why do you play?
  • What would it look like to play for Jesus?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 3:16



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