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An eight-minute talk from evangelist Graham Daniels, exploring how Eric Liddell's faith in God transformed his view of sport.* Accompanying Sports Mission Pack available from Christians in Sports. See details below.

2022 Winter Olympics

As we watch international athletes perform and compete in over 100 events at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, what can the Bible teach us about performance? About where we fall short, and about the only one who was ever 'good enough'?

Olympics 2020

The 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo bring together athletes from different ages, classes, race and countries. Sport gives us a wonderful picture of running the race of the Christian life alongside Jesus and knowing he has already secured our victory.

Northern Voices: Professional Rugby League Player

Jamie Jones Buchanan was a professional rugby league player. Watch his journey to faith and how it transformed rugby, family and winning for him.

EURO 2020

Like Euro 2020, the Christian story is also one of great expectations and hope of a great victory. But when Jesus arrived, he wasn't the winner everyone expected. Was there more to the cross than defeat?

Playing For God

Do you play in a way that honours God? Watch "Playing for God" and be inspired to give your game an eternal significance!


"Sport will fade away and be a distant memory," says Garin Jenkins, Welsh rugby star. Watch this video to find out why this doesn't worry him.

The Two Sides of Sport

A powerful video by Christians in Sport with interviews from Garin Jenkins, Jonathan Webb and Ann O'Flynn.

Born to Play

Who are you playing for? Have you ever wondered if there's a better way to play? "Born to Play" suggests a way to raise your game.

What Does The Bible Say About Sport?

Animated Christian video made by Christians in Sport. How can we use our talents and gifts in sport for good - to worship God?

Real Life

All Hail King Bale? Is there really anyone who deserves this much glory? Watch this video to discover the real, eternal king.

Real lives: The Olympian

Short Christian video - Olympic rower and double silver medallist Debbie Flood chats about her identity as an athlete and a follower of Jesus.

Dealing with disappointment

Short Christian video - Adam Pengilly's story of disappointment at the Winter Olympics and how his Christian faith helped him get through it.

The Two Sides of Sport

A powerful video by Christians in Sport with interviews from Debbie Flood, Linvoy Primus and Garin Jenkins.

Debbie Flood – My Story

In this Christian video, athlete Debbie Flood discusses her experiences competing in the Olympics and shares her faith story.

No Comparison

Love sport a bit too much? Watch "No Comparison" now to put things in perspective and remind yourself of the bigger picture...

The Greatest Event in the World

The World Cup is always an epic occasion, full of amazing moments. But what is the greatest event of all time?


In the world of sport, we see success, talent, and strength but also failure, anxiety, and insecurity. But who did Jesus come to seek and save?


Have you ever wondered where God is when things are going wrong? This video explains the comfort of knowing that God has an unstoppable plan!

The Greatest Question

In a world full of thousands of questions, uncertainties and disappointments knowing Jesus' true identity changes everything. This is the greatest, most important question anyone can answer. What's yours?

The Greatest Discovery

What could be better than discovering George Best's talent? Watch this video to find out more about Jesus's claim to be the greatest treasure

Life To The Full

Coaches inspire, Jesus does more than inspire. Watch "Life to the Full" to find out about the amazing offer Jesus is making to you!

Jesus Came To Rescue ___

A powerful video by Christians in Sport exploring the message of Luke 19:10. Who did Jesus come for? A great gospel explanation for the sporty.