Produced by Plungepool


Only the Creator can quiet the chaos – A story about sovereignty.

What is chaos? The dictionary says that it is ‘complete disorder and confusion.’ Imagine for a moment the absolute chaos and terror of being stuck in a sinking boat, in a raging storm.

We read in the Bible of how Jesus amazingly, miraculously calmed a storm. In full control, he ordered the wind and the rain: ‘Quiet…be still!’ And the seas obeyed! The disciples with him became even more afraid, staring at Jesus in awe because they knew what every human should know: Only the Creator can quiet the chaos.

We all face storms in our lives, but Jesus is the sovereign power who can ultimately bring peace.

Created by Plungepool for Word Alive Event 2019

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Do you find it easy to trust that God is in control?
  • Have you ever experienced God’s peace through difficult times?

Related Bible Reference

  • Mark 4:35-41



Produced by Plungepool

Plungepool, a Christian media production company, exist to help as many people as possible engage with the good news about Jesus through creative storytelling.

Script and Animation by Jonathan Greenaway

Jonathan Greenway is a freelance video editor, motion designer and marketer consultant. He’s based in Germany where he runs PlungePool.

Created for Word Alive

Word Alive is an organisation who's main aim is to serve the Church and to reach the world. Their desire is to resource individuals and churches and so empower them in their mission to their local communities and the wider world.

Voice-over: Esther Field

Actor: Nick Smith

Actor: Georgina Green

Actor: Ali Shand