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Have You Got ID? – Series Bundle

'Who am I?’ is one of the most important questions we can ever ask. To know that God created us and gave us our body, mind and soul gives us the freedom to live the life that He intends for us.

My Beloved Child

My child, you may not know me, but I know you. I have known you, loved you, and created you with purpose. You are MY beloved Masterpiece.

The Story Of A King

On the first Easter Sunday, the world was turned upside down. Jesus has divided public opinion for the last two millennia. So, what do you make of this story of the king?

Divine Comedy

Engaging Christian video explores the Easter story. What is life, what kind of tale? Comedy or tragic? Is Easter the true comedy?

What Is Sin

Sin is often connoted to the really bad deeds, like murder or stealing. Yet we explore in this video that sin is really imperfection: missing the mark of God’s perfect standard for humankind.

Skin Deep

Spoken word for Black History Month from the perspective of a white person with adopted black siblings, that looks to diagnose the deep-rooted problems beneath racism.


Students discuss questions of life, humanity, and faith, as part of Durham University's Christian Union event: Human.

Duncan’s Story

Great Christian testimony video of how God used the Psalms to speak powerfully and personally to convict Duncan of his sin and need to be cleansed.


A thought short video exploring a culture where we seem happy to voice our own opinions, but not listen to others. A great discussion starter.

Before I die I want to…

How would you finish this sentence? Before I die I want to... A church in London asked passers-by to scribble down their life ambitions…

Planet Earth II (Subtitled Version)

Have you ever wondered why the world is so incredible? Watch "Planet Earth" and find out why our home is so intricate, enormous and extravagant.


Since the fall, we've been covering up. Can we be accepted? This video looks at how our sin is dealt with by God. Instead of trying to cover up our shame, we see in Jesus an offer of full acceptance.

How do I become a Christian?

It's as simple as A, B, C: Admit your sin, Believe Jesus is Lord, Commit your life to Jesus and live for him. There aren't any fancy rules or rituals, and you don't need to be good enough.

There is Hope

The voices of failure, fear, pain and regret can be overwhelming. But there is real and lasting hope that gives value, purpose and strength to withstand the storm. This hope has a name.

Make Way for the King

A Christians In Sport video investigating the claim of Matthew's Gospel. Is he really King of all? Will we make way for him?

Woman at the Well

The story of the Samaritan woman at the well is a revealing one; it shows how Jesus tore down the walls of exclusion and that grace is for all.


Powerful short video likening life's uncertainties with the unpredictable nature of the sea. What will see us through the storm?

Essentials 4: Relationship

How generous is God? Watch "Essentials 4: Relationship" to find out exactly what God offers us if we decide to follow him...

Your Invisible Weapon

Thought-provoking Christian video. Our words are our own invisible weapon: a force for good or bad. Will we build others up, or tear them down?

How to find the Wonder

A humorous, vlog style video on finding 'the wonder' in everyday routine. A light-hearted reflection on how we speed through life.

Dealing with disappointment

Short Christian video - Adam Pengilly's story of disappointment at the Winter Olympics and how his Christian faith helped him get through it.

A Conversation with the Homeless

Imagine having no one to talk to - Thought-provoking video showing how one conversation can make a big difference for the homeless.


Short video exploring the majestic nature of lions. A great discussion starter helping people to think about what or who they follow!

The Light

How a young man overcame addiction and discovered the life-transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Essentials 3: Rescue

What's the biggest danger you face today? Watch “Essentials 3: Rescue” to find out what God says it is, and why there's also amazing news.


What do you find in barren places? A thoughtshort video exploring our desire to 'connect' with something greater.

It’s Not Fair

Where is God when tragedy strikes? Watching from the sidelines, powerless to help? Find out what the Bible tells us, watch "It's not fair".

I’m Not That Bad

If the required standard's perfection, what hope have I got? "I'm not that Bad" shares the secret to living free from judgement and free from fear.

The Man Upstairs

Is God just a bad tempered old man living in the sky? That wouldn't be good news! Watch "The Man Upstairs" to discover how God describes himself.


Short video exploring the way each of us 'sees' the world uniquely. A great discussion starter on plausibility structures or worldviews.

Story (DUCU)

Students share their own faith stories in this Christian video, as part of Durham University's Christian Union event: Story.


Jesus asks Peter ‘Who do you say I am?’. This Uncover video asks: Does it matter how people define us? Who are we? Who is Jesus?

Mad Titan or Saviour?

This short evangelistic video explores themes of salvation through sacrifice in Avengers Infinity War, comparing it with the salvation of Jesus.

Anybody Home?

A thought-provoking video from UCCF to go with their Uncover Mark project. Are we really alone in this life? Are we lost or are we found?


In the world of sport, we see success, talent, and strength but also failure, anxiety, and insecurity. But who did Jesus come to seek and save?

What’s Your Problem?

A video exploring what people view as the most significant problems facing us today. But what did Jesus think on the subject? What was his solution?


Have you ever truly experienced hunger? Short Christian video about Jesus' commitment to the Scriptures, and being hungry for the Word of God.


Who can command the wind and waves? Only the Creator can quiet the chaos. Short Christian video about Jesus calming the storm.

The Greatest Question

In a world full of thousands of questions, uncertainties and disappointments knowing Jesus' true identity changes everything. This is the greatest, most important question anyone can answer. What's yours?


A thoughtshort video exploring the origins of life through the metaphor of water. It asks not just ‘how?’ or ‘where?’ life began – but ‘why?’

Asha’s Story

A woman's very powerful and personal video testimony about being freed from drug use and finding reconciliation through forgiveness in Christ.

Thrive at Uni

Christian video about thriving when you go to university. How can you make the most of your university experience in the current circumstances?

Grow at Uni

Short video about how to grow as a Christian at university. Is church restrictive or beneficial and how do you share your faith with friends?

Belong at Uni

Short Christian video about finding belonging at university. Where can you find genuine acceptance when you leave home for the first time?

You Know His Name

...and he knows yours. But do you really know him? The Christian faith isn't about having the right answers, but about a personal relationship with Jesus who came to save us.


We were all born to die, is there really no escape? God doesn’t let down a rescue-rope, he sends a cannonball! Watch to find out more.

Arms Wide Open

This powerful poem about the Easter story exemplifies the extent of God's love, how he came down to Earth, suffered and died for all peoples.

Dr Max Finds The Facts

Quirky Dr Max loves facts. Surely one fact is certain - no one beats death. Or is it?

On The Way To Jerusalem

A funny thing happened on the way to Jerusalem... Watch this video for Easter themed stand-up poetry about the comedy behind Easter.

On The Way To The Execution

This spoken word poem unpacks the sad humour and irony in Jesus' execution.

Jesus Came To Rescue ___

A powerful video by Christians in Sport exploring the message of Luke 19:10. Who did Jesus come for? A great gospel explanation for the sporty.

Roll Away Your Stone

Explore why the empty tomb mattered to Mary and the others, and still does to millions around the world today.

Authored To Die

Spoken word Christian video of the author of life rewriting history to come down into time and space and die on Good Friday as an offering for humanity's sin.

Amazing Grace Poem

Beautiful spoken word poem that unpacks what God’s grace means: the release from the burden of earning approval, the relief of no longer doing it my way, a tender invitation to surrender.

Hope Poem

Infinitely more powerful than our wishes and dreams, God’s hope welcomes outsiders in and provides a secure foundation for weary souls.

Poem – Love Like That

Powerful spoken word poem that reels off all the ways Jesus has loved us, and leaves us challenged to follow his self-sacrificial example.

Planet Earth II

Have you ever wondered why the world is so incredible? Watch "Planet Earth" and find out why our home is so intricate, enormous and extravagant.

What is Joy?

What gives you joy? A mountain top view? A feeling of excitement? Music? No homework? This short Christian video looks at what gives real joy.


Human beings: accident or design? "You" explores just a few of the incredible things about you and introduces your amazing designer.

2020 Vision

Have you got 20/20 Vision? Watch this video to find out how to see clearly at the start of this New Year!

The Jesus Storyline

In the fascinating 8 minute video, Mike and Andy explain in their charming, unmistakable style that many of the Old Testament characters point to Jesus in their lives. In the video Mike focuses on the example of Abraham being asked by God to sacrifice his son and how this points to Jesus’ greater sacrifice.