A New Ticket

A modern, Pilgrim’s Progress-style analogy of the cross’ great exchange. On his journey through Town, Man loses his valuable ticket to a seat on an aeroplane that will take him far away. Who will pay the price for a new one?


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A modern, Pilgrim's Progress-style analogy of the cross' great exchange

Moving analogy of our broken world and hard hearts, and Jesus' sacrifice on the cross to bring us to a new and perfect home.

Follow Man as he journeys through Town, a place of despair and no future. Man has been given a ticket to a seat on an aeroplane that will take him far away, yet he doesn't take the value of the ticket seriously or protect it.

When Man finally arrives at the airport with no ticket, who will pay the price for a new one?

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What did you find most surprising or striking?
  • Do you think the Stranger's exchange with Man's ticket was fair or unfair? Why/why not?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 10:10



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