Christians In Training: Episode 1

Ivor Wheezychest is a bit of a slob – he hates exercise and only eats fast food. But Coach is determined to get his life on track by training him for the great sports tournament! This child-accessible analogy helps kids grasp how Jesus frees us from sin to live for him.


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Quality children’s ministry package, including an engaging video, games, group teaching and discussion notes, parents’ notes, craft and activity to run a complete session for 4-11 year olds.

In this episode of Christians in Training, ‘King of Sport’ Peter Proud challenges Coach to train the most unlikely of characters, Ivor Wheezychest to beat him for the great sports tournament cup! Even though Ivor isn’t healthy, doesn't exercise and only eats fast food, Coach is determined to make a life changing difference for him by helping him train for the competition. Could Ivor be the next unlikely rising star? 

The way Coach wants to transform Ivor’s life is just like what God has done for us. When we used to be slaves to sin, God sent his son Jesus to set us free, allowing us to live a completely different life! Just like how Coach wants to see serious change in Ivor’s life, God wants to transform our lives by setting us free from sin, and giving us eternal life!

Suitable for 4-11 year olds, with age-appropriate variations.

Related Bible Reference

  • Romans 6:15-23
  • John 8:36


Produced by Judes Sunday Gang

Jude's Sunday Gang is a children's ministry resource that has grown out of local churches working together to provide fun, practical and Biblically thorough children's group materials for hard-pressed leaders who want to serve their church family.

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