Beneath the Tree

A 3 week Christmas series featuring Archibald the Explorer and Jude the Lion

Jude’s Sunday Gang: Under Construction Series Bundle

This 12-episode series takes place on a construction site where children can explore the book of Nehemiah, his mission of re-building the walls of Jerusalem, and how we can trust in and thank the Lord for who he is and what he has done.

Jude’s Sunday Gang: Christians In Training Series Bundle

Christians in Training is an 11-episode children’s series which provides a ‘whistle stop tour’ of the New Testament letters, focusing on the Pauline Epistles. Each episode includes a range of resources to run a complete session for 4-11 year olds.

Under Construction: Episode 12

Bernie leaves Ben’s house in a mess while he is away. Even though Ben showed great generosity, Bernie still took him for granted. God’s people needed to work hard at living in God’s way, and had to be reminded of God’s Word and their identity once again.

Under Construction: Episode 11

The house is finally done, and there is a ceremony to celebrate! God’s people in Nehemiah’s time also thanked and celebrated God and his provision!

Under Construction: Episode 10

Ben welcomes Bernie into his home, despite the number of times he tried to stop their building work. This episode demonstrates the forgiveness and kindness of God to us, even when we consistently mess up.

Under Construction: Episode 9

Bernie gets caught stealing tools from Tommy, but is immediately sorry for doing so. God loves it when we are sorry and repent, and he continues to love and forgive us when we mess up.

Under Construction: Episode 8

Ben helps Bernie out by reading the instruction manual to assemble a cement mixer. God’s people in Jerusalem listened for hours to God’s Word, so they returned to living in the way that God instructs.

Under Construction: Episode 7

Before Ben properly moves into his new home, he counts up all of his possessions to make sure he has everything he needs (and throws out anything he doesn’t need).