God Made Everything: Day 7 and the Fall

Watch how S.I.N. (Shove off God, I’m in charge, No to your rules) entered the world and God started his amazing rescue plan to send a serpent-crusher king!


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God made everything and it was good series

Delightful and helpful illustrated animation of day 7 of creation and the Fall. Listen to how God rested after creating, how the Man and Woman ate from the tree God commanded them not to eat from, and how S.I.N. (Shove off God, I'm in charge, No to your rules) entered the world.

But the broken world and relationship with God isn't the end of the story. God made a promise about a perfect human who would deal with the effects of sin forever - Jesus, the promised serpent crusher king!

One day, our world will be better than very good. God's amazing rescue plan will make it perfect again. Are you looking forward to that day?

Suitable for children aged 4 years and under.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How was God kind to Adam and Eve after they sinned?
  • Who is the serpent-crusher?

Related Bible Reference

  • Genesis 3


Illustrated and voiced by Bella Penton

Bella works as a youth ministry trainee for Christ Church Leyton as part of her gap year placement. This involves making Bible story videos for the Sunday School and Toddler ministries. Bella loves cats, geography and going to the theatre.

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