Knock Knock

A powerful poetic piece that paints a picture of the wonder of Easter by Tom Stubbings



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A powerful poetic piece that paints a picture of the wonder of Easter by Tom Stubbings

Knock knock, who’s there?

What you may expect from anything using the phrase ‘knock knock’ is far from what you will experience listening to this engaging Easter item.

Knock Knock, tells the story of Jesus, His life, death on Good Friday and resurrection, glued together by the different ‘knock knocks’ heard throughout His life time.

From Joseph knocking on the door of the inn, to Jesus knocking on the door of the hearts of the children of Israel, to those dreaded nails being knocked into the hands of our Saviour, Knock Knock takes you on this journey, one that would change the world forever.

But wait… knock knock, is that the sound of a heart beating once again?

Possible Discussion Questions

  • In remembering what Jesus has done for you, what makes you most grateful?
  • Is there someone that God wants you to reach out to today?



Produced by Tom Stubbings

Tom Stubbings is a London based, creative storyteller. Being involved in the Arts for most of his life, combined with his passion for teaching, Tom’s heart is to create meaningful creative content that is both imaginative and informative, engaging and educational that speaks to both the mind and the heart.

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