Naomi’s Story of Satisfaction

Short Christian testimony video about trusting God’s loving purposes in emotional and physical struggles.

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“Why me?” - confronting a rare medical condition and trusting the God who satisfies 

Naomi was born with a rare medical condition. Doctors questioned her quality of life, and she began to struggle with how different she was from everyone else, and doubt her purpose in life. Why had God allowed her to be born like this?

Over time, “why me?” questions were replaced with finding strength in God, not herself. Naomi doesn’t have all the answers, but she does trust that God has made her as he intended, and he does have a purpose.

Naomi has learnt that ultimate satisfaction doesn’t come through playing sport or having perfect health, but in knowing that Jesus has died for her sins on the cross, and she is forgiven.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think knowing you’re forgiven makes such a difference?

  • Do you think that God has a purpose in your life?

Related Bible Reference

  • Romans 8:28
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9


Produced by Rhyme Reason

Rhyme and Reason is an evangelical video ministry set up to help the spread of the gospel through online videos. As well as producing videos for organisations, we produce free-to-use evangelistic media and spoken words videos.

Editor Caleb Shaw

Caleb Shaw is a videographer and spoken word artist. He produces videos for churches and corporate Christian clients as well as his own short videos helping people understand the Christian faith.

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