Essentials 3 – Rescue

Hear the greatest news in the world about how God has rescued us from our biggest danger.

Third in the Essentials mini-series, this short video explains the incredible news of Jesus’s life-giving death on the cross and how it liberates us from the penalty we owe for committing cosmic treason. Our sin must carry the burden of a cost, and it is expensive. How amazing that Jesus, motivated by love, paid the price for us, so that we can live in freedom and joy with him. Although Jesus’s death has paid in full for all of us, only those who accept his offer and embrace him as king will be able to take advantage of this great rescue.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Why is sin our biggest danger? What made Jesus stay on the cross?
  • What do you make of Luke 24:1-6 which describes Jesus’s resurrection? How is this a game-changer?



Presented by: Lee McMunn

Editor: Tomasz Kajewski

Editor: David Sung Tae Kim