Real Lives: The Ex-Terrorist

Ex-Terrorist Billy McCurrie talks about the Troubles, Maze prison and his conversion experience.

In this video, we hear the powerful true story of Billy McCurrie – an ex-terrorist who had his life transformed when he gave his life to Jesus in prison.

Billy grew up in Belfast during the Troubles and after the tragic shooting of his Dad, when Billy was just 12, he grew up knowing hatred, bitterness, and an insatiable longing for revenge. After joining a terrorist group, Billy was eventually arrested and given a life sentence for his crimes.

Billy talks about the moment he encountered Christ for the first time – how he suddenly felt the guilt and conviction for his sin and how he realised that Jesus had died to save him from that sin – to save all of us.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Billy talks about all of us being sinners. Why do even good people need God’s forgiveness?
  • How does God give us ‘a life of peace’ – even when life is not easy?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 3:19
  • Romans 3:23



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