Hope Poem

God’s hope can awaken a despairing and broken heart and world.

Moving spoken word that unpacks our certain hope in God. Infinitely more powerful than our wishes and dreams, God’s hope welcomes outsiders in and provides a secure foundation for weary souls.

As we prepare to exit lockdown, we can look forward to the hope of slowly returning to ‘normality’, but also the greater hope of a redeemed and renewed world at the end of time, made certain by Jesus’ resurrection.

Additional video below to use for an ice-breaker, discussion starter or event introduction.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How is hope in God different to other things we might hope in or for?
  • How does hope in God affect you day-to-day?

Related Bible Reference

  • Ephesians 1:18
  • Hebrews 10:23
Hope Thoughtshort
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Recommended for use as an ice-breaker, discussion starter or event introduction. Paired with the above poem, this stirring ‘thoughtshort’ uses art and nature to express the awakening, flourishing and finally the joy of certain hope in God. We may not naturally feel happy or even hopeful, but we can trust that God’s promises are not wishful thinking; they are certain. Downloading the poem video will give you access to this video too.



Produced by The Presence Project

The Presence Project weaves together music, film, poetry and photography to deepen people’s connection to God.

Written by: Chris Matthews